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The 2021 Taco Bell Foundation Scholarships are FIRE!

If you’re passionate about Taco Tuesdays AND love to give back, you need to apply for a Taco Bell Foundation scholarship!

Shawna Newman

November 13, 2020

The 2021 Taco Bell Foundation Scholarships are FIRE!
Find the details of Taco Bell’s Live Más Scholarships on Fastweb.
Have you ordered from Taco Bell and were asked if you’d like to round up your order total to the nearest dollar? If so, you’ve been a part of the Taco Bell’s Round Up campaign supporting the Taco Bell Foundation, scholarship and educational fund mission! According to their 2020 Live Más Scholar Announcements video, the Taco Bell Foundation has given away $13.6 million in scholarships since 2015. The Taco Bell Foundation website mentions, the Live Más Scholarship is for the “Passioneers.” Wait, hold the FIRE sauce...This means Taco Bell's scholarships are not merit based. These scholarships are not awarded based on your grades, test scores or athletic ability, but rather your passionate and pioneering spirit.
The 2021 scholarship for first-time recipients ranges from $5,000-$25,000 per student and is open to Taco Bell team members and fans, ages 16-24, nationwide. To apply, you’ll submit a simple two-minute video describing your passion and how you’ll use it to make a difference.

Feeling inspired AND hungry?

Grab a taco, check out the previous scholars’ video submissions, and start your scholarship submission today. In 2019 the Taco Bell Foundation received 13,000 applicants. We’re (almost) willing to bet our nachos the 2021 applicant total will drastically increase this upcoming year. The details for both Taco Bell scholarship opportunities are listed below.

Live Más Scholarship

Available to: High School Juniors through Graduate Students, Year 5 Deadline:1/23/21 Award Amount: 100 awards from $5,000-$25,000 The Live Más Scholarship is available to innovators, creators, and dreamers between the ages of 16 and 24. To be considered, you must create and submit a video of up to two minutes in length that tells the story of your life's passion.

Live Más Employee Scholarship

Available to: High School Juniors through Graduate Students, Year 5 Deadline: 1/23/21 Award Amount: 55 awards from $5,000-$10,000 The Live Más Scholarship Program is open to students who are employees of Taco Bell. To be considered, you must submit a two-minute video that tells the story of your life's passion. The 2021 winners will be announced this spring. Previous Live Más winners also have the option to renew their scholarship as well. You can visit the Taco Bell Foundation website for details on each scholarship program.

2020 Taco Bell Foundation Winners

Get a list of the student winners from 39 states across America. Check out their passion or cause too. Your chances of winning increase when you use your passion to for the greater good. From passions of community service and architecture to science and film these 2020 scholarship winners represent what it means to be a great American student.

Hungry for more scholarships?

Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are just two of the fast-food companies featured in this article that offer tuition assistance. From flexible scheduling to learning how to work with the general public, working in fast food may be the extra income you’re looking for to pay for school. While working in the fast-food industry may not seem lucrative, it can offer you a smorgasbord of experience – helping you boost your resume and adding numerous life skills (flair as well) to your character. In fact, several successful influencers can add fast-food employee to their job-experience list. This Delish article highlights 22 celebrities that learned a thing or two from their time working in the fast-food industry, Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos being two of these successful celebrities. The moral is you should keep an open mind, and not be afraid to inquire on and apply for weird scholarships. Have a favorite food or brand? Search for an array of unique scholarships at

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