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Quiz: What Type of Part-Time Job is Right for You?

Take our quiz to find out!

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 08, 2019

Quiz: What Type of Part-Time Job is Right for You?
Looking for some direction when it comes to finding the perfect part-time job? We’ve got that right here. If you’re not sure where to start looking, take our quiz and check out our suggestions, which are based both on personality and your future career goals. Select the answer that you most identify with and tally up your score. Results are listed below. 1. Would you enjoy interacting with people? (Yes – 5) (No – 1)
2. Would you like to get better at interacting with others? (Yes – 3) (No – 1)
3. Do you prefer to work alone or on a team? (Work alone – 1) (On a team – 3)
4. Do you prefer to work indoors or outdoors? (Indoors – 3) (Outdoors – 5)
5. Would you like a flexible schedule or specified hours each day? (Flexible schedule – 4) (Specified hours – 2)
6. Would you enjoy having a supervisor that helps you? (Yes – 4) (No – 2)
7. Are you active? (Yes – 5) (No – 1)
8. Do you want a job that demands activity? (Yes – 5) (No – 1)
9. Does working with food interest you? (Yes – 2) (No – 1)
10. Do you have a soft spot for animals? (Yes – 3) (No – 1)
11. Would you like to interact with children in your work environment? (Yes – 3) (No – 1)
12. Does your ideal part-time job center around helping others? (Yes – 4) (No – 1)
13. Would you describe yourself as conventional? (Yes – 2) (No – 5)
14. Would you ideally like to work in an office after graduation? (Yes – 2) (No – 0)
15. Or is a desk job out of the question? (Yes – 5) (No – 0)
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20 – 35 Points
Give yourself a pat on the bat – you’re an independent person, and working alone is where you thrive. The types of part-time jobs that best suit you may be work-from-home opportunities or quiet desk jobs. Though there may be a little interaction with others, you’re at your best when left alone to work. If this sounds like you, consider a part-time job as a social media manager or web editor. You could also work in retail or in the culinary field as someone that is behind the scenes, perhaps stocking inventory or preparing meals. Finally, if you don’t mind a little client interaction, consider a part-time job at an art gallery or museum.
36 – 45 Points
You’re a people person, and that will translate well to working both for and with others! While you have a strong desire to help others, you also just love the interesting things that can happen when you meet and serve others. What's more, you do your best when you have a team of people supporting you, making a team dynamic at work especially beneficial to your professional growth. And if you wouldn’t consider yourself a people person just yet; it may be the type of environment that you need in order to grow more. The right types of part-time jobs for you include opportunities in the retail or food industry, tutoring, dog-walking or child care.
46 – 60 Points
Is adventure your middle name? If it’s not, it should be. You love the flexibility and inspiration of being outdoors or walking through a big city and not “tied to a desk and chair,” as you may put it. At the same time, you love working with others – and how sweet would it be to get paid to explore, have fun and interact with a team of co-workers, kids or fellow adventurers? If this sounds like you, consider a job as a tour guide, sports instructor or camp counselor.
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