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Interviews 101: What You Need to Land Your First Part-Time Job

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 13, 2019

Interviews 101: What You Need to Land Your First Part-Time Job
Land a part-time job through research and preparation.
A part-time job requires more than just a part-time effort at the job interview. You can’t phone it in. Just like you would a full-time job, you need to prepare and practice for the interview.

Common Questions and Answers

The best way to prepare for the part-time job interview is to have some answers to common questions. Prepare answers for the following:
• Why are you looking for a job?
• Why are you interested in working here?
• How has school or past experiences prepared you for working part-time?
• Why should we hire you?
• How long do you plan to work here?
• Tell me about a major problem you had recently and how you handled it.
• Why do you think you’ll be successful in this position?
• What are your salary expectations? Generally, your answers should reflect that you’re a motivated worker looking to gain experience in the working world – not just trying to make money. Go over your answers with a friend or parent to prepare for the part-time job interview. Also, ask your parents, older siblings or mentors for advice on how to answers these questions based on the type of job you’re hoping to secure.
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Research the Company and Position

The best way to show your interest in the position is to research the company. Coming to the interview with knowledge on what the company does – as well as its history – will show you’re dedicated, motivated and willing to learn. The company website will give you an idea of the company culture, an in-depth look at the products or services they provide, and their goals. Also, look at other open positions within the company. From the job descriptions, you’ll get an idea of the various roles that make the company operate as well as the type of qualities they look for in candidates.

Come Prepared on Interview Day

Finally, on interview day, you need to look as prepared on the outside as you feel on the inside. Bring extra copies of your resume or a completed application if you haven’t already submitted one. Arrive at the interview with a few job references along with their contact information. Know your schedule ahead of time – and even write it down – so that you can detail your availability when asked. Listen carefully, use your manners and be on time. Part-time jobs aren’t just about a paycheck; they’re practice for your first post-graduate job. Through these part-time experiences, you’ll learn how to navigate searching, interviewing and conducting yourself in the workplace. That’s why the part-time job interview is so crucial. So good luck out there – you’ve got this!

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