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Goodwall Volunteer Abroad Challenge Offers $2K Scholarship

Get the details on a $2,000 scholarship challenge that'll change lives around the world.

Shawna Newman

April 26, 2023

Goodwall Volunteer Abroad Challenge Offers $2K Scholarship
Make an impact!
Have ideas on how you can help communities and people around the globe? Maybe you are passionate about a cause, but do not have the resources to see it through? Goodwall, in partnership with United Planet, announced their latest competition, The #VolunteerAbroad Challenge. This opportunity is a perfect way to share your volunteer ideas and the causes that mean the most to you—especially those that reach far away countries. Beginning April 26 through June 12, 2023, high school and college students have the chance to make a positive social impact by sharing their volunteer-abroad ideas.

How to Enter the #VolunteerAbroad Challenge

  1. Create your Goodwall Profile. If you already have a Goodwall account, you can skip to the next step.
  2. Log into the Goodwall app.
  3. Search #VolunteerAbroad to find and join the Challenge.
  4. Use your phone to record or upload a short video explaining the cause that's closest to your heart, where you want to volunteer, and why? Share why this social cause is so important to you. Don't forget to tag your video with the #VolunteerAbroad hashtag.

Enter Goodwall's #VolunteerAbroad Challenge

Deadline: 6/12/23 Available To: High School and College Students, Ages 16-26, interested in volunteering, volunteer work and social causes. Award Amount: $2,000

About the Goodwall App

Goodwall is a social networking platform designed to support academic, personal and professional student growth. Students are encouraged to use the app to join Challenges to develop their skill set and to use the community to grow their network. Goodwall users customize their profile to find internships and scholarship opportunities specific to their areas of study. Another scholarship offered by Goodwall is the #ScholarshipNow Challenge. This $2,500 scholarship is offered monthly.

Goodwall's #ScholarshipNow Challenge

Deadline: 8/31/23 Available To: All students, minimum age 16 Award Amount: $2,500
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