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Tips: Getting a Part-Time Job as a Student

Samantha Starkey, Student Contributor

September 05, 2018

Tips: Getting a Part-Time Job as a Student
You need a part-time job. Follow these tips simplify your search.
It’s September, and school is back in session. Tuition’s due, and you’ve got textbooks to purchase. Not to mention you also need some “play” money—for late-night pizza, early morning coffee, and weekend trips with the roommates. You need a part-time job. As a student, it can be challenging to juggle schoolwork and a job, so here are a few tips to make the job search a bit easier.
Look for jobs on campus. Campus jobs will accommodate your class schedule, and supervisors understand that school is your priority. Plus, you won’t have to worry about commuting too far.

Go to the job fair. Usually taking place very early in the semester, your campus’s job fair will feature all of the offices on campus who are hiring student workers—in one convenient place! Be sure to engage and ask questions so that you’ll be remembered by your future supervisor.

Clean up your resume. Or write one, if this is your first job search (which is okay, too!) Resume writing can be daunting, but your campus’s student employment office can help. From resume templates to final proofreading (do not forget to proofread!), they’ve got you covered.

Ask around. Whether you’re looking for a job on campus or off, networking is key. Talk to your RA. Talk to your academic advisor or your favorite professor. Walk into nearby stores and restaurants to ask if they’re hiring. College towns often rely heavily on students, so explore the options in the surrounding neighborhood.

Be thinking about winter break. Yes, it’s only September now, but if you want to spend the three to four weeks between the fall and spring semesters earning some extra cash, you’ll want to plan ahead. Many students return home for the winter break, so it’s a good idea to try to line something up ahead of time—no one wants to stress about long-distance job hunting while studying for finals!

Don’t forget to be the best worker you can be. Yes, schoolwork comes first, but avoid the trap of thinking that your job is “just” a campus/part-time job or “not even” in your preferred career field. Be responsible, punctual, and mature. This job experience, if done right, can bolster your resume, and having a great working relationship with your supervisor means a strong reference for landing your future dream job.

Good luck out there!

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