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TikTok Desserts Students Can Bring to Thanksgiving

Still searching for the perfect Turkey Day dessert? Get inspired on TikTok.

Student Contributor, Allison Willrich

November 17, 2021

TikTok Desserts Students Can Bring to Thanksgiving
Impress the guest list with your Thanksgiving baking skills.
Thanksgiving is a special time for college students because fall break provides the opportunity to go home and visit family, friends, and everything you’ve missed since school began. With this comes lots of parties and gatherings! Whether you’re expected to be a real adult and contribute to your family get-together, or you want to establish yourself as the Martha Stewart of your friend group, these recipes are perfect! No matter what your experience level in the kitchen is, these TikTok app desserts are sure to dazzle. What are you waiting for? Start experimenting with your Thanksgiving baking today - yumminess awaits you!

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Is it really fall if there isn’t a pumpkin-flavored Thanksgiving dessert? Here are yummy options that truly capture the essence of the modern-day autumn gathering! Pumpkin Spice Bars The creator claims this dish is better than pumpkin pie! If you’re a pumpkin spice lover, you need to try this.
Pumpkin Dulce Greta Bars “It has the mood of a sugar cookie, but the vibe of a deep dish pumpkin pie.” This Tiktok includes an insightful and entertaining narration that makes me want to attempt this recipe myself. Pumpkin Crunch This dessert looks so easy and so perfect for Thanksgiving. Just pour all your ingredients and pop it in the oven to let the magic happen. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon rolls are the ultimate comfort dessert, enjoyable at any time of day. These would be lovely for a brunch as well.

Warm & Cozy Apple-Cinnamon

There are very few things in this world better than homemade apple pie. If you want to maintain a more traditional Thanksgiving feel for your dessert, these recipes are for you! Apple Dump Cake A unique spin on the quintessentially fall, apple-cinnamon flavor. Get a tub of vanilla ice cream to take this cake to the next level. Little Apple Pies These dainty pies look glorious, they are glistening as if they were sprinkled with pixie dust. These are also nice for small groups; everyone can get their own special treat. Full Apple Pie A classic confection you can’t go wrong with. Gordon Ramsey’s Apple Galettes I mean if Gordon Ramsey says it’s good, it’s gotta be good.

Fresh and Fruity

After indulging in all the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, your friends and family may crave a lighter, refreshing option. Try these for a nice contrast post-feast. Simple Cheesecake A quick and delicious no-bake option. You can make it ahead of time for less stress. Strawberry Tart This recipe is versatile and can be made with any type of berries. You likely have all the ingredients in your home already!

For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is a crowd-pleaser year-round. If you’re planning for a Friendsgiving or nontraditional gathering, these recipes will be perfect. Cake Pops This recipe could not be more simple. Cake pops are always a fun and customizable option, especially if you’re not familiar with baking. Plus, you can play with cute sprinkles for some added whimsy. Fudgy Brownies Compared to the others, this is more of a labor-of-love type dessert, but this tutorial makes the process less daunting. Your guests will appreciate you immensely for it, I promise! No-Bake Chocolate Tart If you already know your oven will be fully occupied by the turkey, definitely go for this no-bake option. You can even add more of an autumn essence by adding nuts or berries on top. Chocolate Crinkles If you want something gooey, decadent, and mouth-watering, this is the perfect dessert for you. The surprise inside will make you look like a pro! Bringing a dessert is more than just a nicety; the gesture creates connections and strengthens bonds. Make sure to bake with love and all the warm fuzzies! And of course, don’t forget to cherish the memories you’ll make this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy living out your Martha Stewart fantasy!

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