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3 Easy Student Goals for the New Year

Mary Bellm, Student Contributor

January 07, 2019

3 Easy Student Goals for the New Year
Discover three simple goals students can set for the New Year.
Huge stress doesn’t have to come with setting goals - sure, New Year, New You, and you want to make a goal to reflect that, am I right? Usually, I try to set a reasonable goal for myself, but I always fall short. I’m going to try for three small goals for the next semester: one for school in general, one for health, and a personal goal. My goal for…my goals is to have them be small and simple!


After looking at my courses for next semester, and re-evaluating what happened my first semester, my academic goal for next semester is to succeed in my English class. Since I didn’t get into one my first semester, I’m hoping that this class will re-affirm what I’m going to major in, and I want to do my best! Breaking down “succeeding” - I’m hoping to set an 85% goal for each essay, since the class is supposed to be essay-heavy. Hey, a “B” is good enough for me!


This semester, I haven’t set foot in the gym on campus…and entrance to said gym is built into my semester fees. Sure, I walk up and down stairs every day, but since the weather has turned colder, I’ve been less inclined to walk around outside. An easy solution would be to walk around inside, but I didn’t even build that into my time last semester. So, my goal is: walk around the inside of my dorm at least once a day, and try to get to the gym once every two weeks. This may seem like I’m giving myself a weak goal in the health area - the gym once every two weeks? - but I know myself. I’m more inclined to go to the gym if I’m not telling myself “You have to go every week.”


My personal goal is more of a multi-purpose goal. Overall, it’s to manage my free time better. When I’m not studying, I have a tendency to procrastinate. The smaller part of the goal is to spend less time on Pinterest, organize my papers and general stuff I somehow acquire, and find more productive things to do with my free time.
Hopefully, you found these goals a good insight into what my next semester is shaping up to be, and you will join me in making a goal for your next semester!

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