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Ten Spotify Playlists Students Should Try Out

Students can take a break or amp up their focus with these 10 Spotify playlists. From filling your room with frequencies and a motivational podcast, to classics like Jazz and piano, hear what this student recommends for your music mood.

Student Contributor, Alondra Arevalo

November 16, 2020

Ten Spotify Playlists Students Should Try Out
DYK: Binaural beats increase cognitive function?!
Music is something that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are into pop, rap, country, or anything in between, music can make you feel something unlike any other. It has been around for millennia; it’s a part of human life. I personally love indie pop music, I can listen to it all day, every day.
Below are ten playlists to listen to, whether studying or simply taking care of yourself. Maybe your new favorite song is on one of them, and if you are not one for music, I also have you covered!

  1. Chill Hits
  2. If you are looking for a playlist to listen to when you work out, do homework, or just relax, this is the perfect playlist. This playlist is diverse, with songs that have calming beats keeping you focused and relaxed in whatever you are doing. It is filled with music styles from pop, R&B, and Indie pop. My favorite song off this playlist is Off the Table by Ariana Grande and The Weekend, their vocals are beautiful and not distracting from something you may be doing.

  3. Your Favorite Coffeehouse
  4. If you usually like to study in a coffee-shop type of environment, this playlist is for you! The songs in this playlist have the same type of feel, they make you feel like you should have a nice cup of coffee or tea right next to you. These songs can help you remain focused, since they aren’t loud or distracting. Most of the songs have a calming guitar/piano acoustic which is peaceful, and can make you feel less stressed.

  5. Classical Music
  6. Classical music may be considered “boring,” but there are so many benefits to listening to it! Harvard Health Publishing mentions that classical music has many health benefits. But, in our situation, it has many student-study benefits by boosting brain power and creativity, and helping to reduce stress. I personally love this type of music because I grew up with it, and I always love to encourage others to get on the “classical music train!”

  7. Frédéric Chopin
  8. As mentioned above, I have an appreciation for classical music. My favorite all time composer is Frédéric Chopin, a Polish composer from the 1800’s. His music usually has a strong piano presence. This element, I personally believe, helps me concentrate better since the background instruments he uses (if any), are not distracting. If you enjoy music strictly on the piano, I highly recommend Chopin, specifically his nocturnes—w which means music inspired by the night.

  9. Chill Study Beats
  10. If you are one for chill, lo-fi (meaning low fidelity) beats, this playlist has about seven hours of it! Lo-fi music has hints of hip-hop, jazz, and classical music: but there are no lyrics. This is perfect if you get distracted listening to lyrics, but you want some type of background noise while you study. According to Hyde School studies actually show that lo-fi music helps your brain stay focused while studying.

  11. Jazz for Study
  12. Jazz music has classical music elements, with a soulful or blues-like twist. This type of music originated in the 1800’s in the southern U.S., and since then, has always been an influential genre in music. Some jazz songs have lyrics, but all are beautifully written and composed. Jazz also has stress-reducing components, according to neuroscientists .

  13. Deep Study
  14. This study playlist has many beats to listen to. They are upbeat, strong, and not very distracting. Some songs have lyrics, others do not. This playlist also consists of international artists, so you can guess that most of the beats and songs are diverse.

  15. Binaural Beats
  16. According to a CSU Global blog post , binaural beats are proven to increase cognitive function, and help you focus better due to the beats’ high frequency. These beats—not songs—can also help you meditate, reduce anxiety, and at the end of the day—sleep. They are however, sound frequencies. Essentially this is just one sound for a period of time. If you can’t work in a quiet room, but do not like listening to actual music while working, this listening to a variety of frequencies may be for you.

  17. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes
  18. If you would rather listen to a podcast than music, I recommend listening to this lifestyle podcast hosted by Gregg Clunis. This podcast shares small ways to improve your lifestyle, and is actually very informative. Topics range anywhere from building a positive mentality to time management and organizing your life. So while you're doing your homework, consider listening for tips to improve your way of life at the same time!

  19. Nature Sounds
If you need background noise to focus better, try listening to nature! This background element is not as distracting, and can help your mood shift. For example, rain sounds make me feel cozy and make me feel more positive. Nature sounds can also help you sleep better. There’s a wide variety, anywhere from rain to wind sounds. I really hope that this list of 10 music and background playlists from Spotify helps you improve your study and focus habits. I wish you nothing but the best this month and don’t stress—you’ve got this!

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