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Improve Your College Application with Extracurriculars

Extracurricular activities can make, or break, your chances of getting into your top school.

Student Contributor, Nayeli Morales

November 18, 2020

Improve Your College Application with Extracurriculars
How important are extracurricular activities to the college application process? Find out.
We all know that good grades are an important factor to getting into college. Though that itself is very time consuming, there is more to it than just good grades. Think: Extracurricular activities. I’ve got to be honest, it’s not my cup of tea. I would rather be doing literally anything else than hang out with kids my age; and if you’re anything like me, you have no idea what's going on in your school. But do not to fret because I did the research for you so that you could get the gist of what most schools have to offer in this field of topic.
That's it; I don’t know how to simplify it anymore than that. I haven't heard of really any high school without sports; so really no matter what school you go to, you should be able to try out for the sports teams they offer.
If you do decide to join a sports team, you also may have an advantage of getting your college paid for. If you do really well in the sport you're playing, you could possibly end up getting offered a scholarship to college through scouts that you have impressed.
Debate/Mock Trial
If you're leaning towards law or politics, or if you just happen to have an interest for it, then these are the clubs for you! The difference between the two clubs is that debate is, well, debating on different topics; and mock trial is, well, mocking a trial ( I honestly don’t know how to describe it, I mean it’s in the name).
The reason that I put these two together is because it’s most likely that if your school offers one it won’t offer the other because of how similar the two clubs are. These clubs are likely to help you get a better understanding of law and political science as well as strengthen your skills of analyzing, speaking, vocabulary, and quick thinking.
Religious Clubs
This one really all comes down to what school you go to and if you're religiously involved or interested in learning more about religion, as well as and if your school allows such a club. I attend a public school, and a vast majority of students are Christian or Catholic, so they do offer us a Faith Club where we talk about how we can put our faith in our daily lives. Of course not all schools have it, especially if you're going to a private school that is already affiliated with a specific religion. These clubs are mainly to help strengthen your faith in religion; and at times, it can help you gain a better understanding of your life, depending on how you interpret religion.
Student News Clubs
These types of clubs can range from journalism to newspaper. It’s best to join such clubs if you are interested in working in the writing field, or wish to be a journalist or reporter. These types of clubs often have you cover what's going on with your school, so be prepared to stay later for some sports games after school. These types of clubs can help strengthen your writing, vocabulary, social, and team building skills.
STEM Clubs
STEM clubs can also range from robotics to computer science. In these clubs you are most likely to be working in teams to solve difficult math problems, build software, and create new machines. These types of clubs can strengthen your memory, expand your creativity, and build up your teamwork skills.
Art Clubs
Art clubs are known to help you channel your creativity. Some schools offer make up, fashion, theater club, creative writing, and more! Of course, depending on what schools you attend these may be considered classes. but if they aren't there's always the previous clubs to look into. And that’s pretty much it. There are of course so many other clubs you can join, like LEOS, Associated Student Body, yearbook, etc. You can find out about clubs that your schools offers by attending club rush, asking your counselors, or checking your school's website. If you don’t like any of your clubs, feel free to make your own. Meet up with your ASB, bring up your ideas, and give your school a larger variety to choose from! Be sure to join at least one club during your time in high school; it’s what gives your application a little flair. Although good grades help you meet the GPA requirements, your A+ streak won’t really help you stand out when you're competing against thousands of other people. If you didn’t find what you need in this article, be sure to read other Fastweb articles that give all types of information about clubs, college applications, and more!

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