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Here’s a Festive Holiday Movie Quiz

Your winter break is not complete without taking this hilarious Home Alone quiz.

Shawna Newman

December 03, 2021

Which Home Alone character are you? Find out!
Here’s a Festive Holiday Movie Quiz
It’s the season of Christmas Movies in the United States. This holiday movie tradition typically comes down to squeezing in as many of the best Christmas movies possible, during the winter break. This December tradition wouldn’t be complete without watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, and—of course—the original 1990 Home Alone movie. These holiday movies are balanced with plenty of comedy Christmas movies and heartfelt classic films. Whatever list of Christmas movies you have queued, be sure to make time to take this festive holiday movie quiz. Keven McCallister, Marv, Harry... the entire Home Alone cast would approve of this quiz.

Which Home Alone character best matches your holiday personality?!

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