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Harmless Senior Pranks that Won't Get You in Trouble

Use these guidelines to make sure that your prank won't stop you from walking at graduation this spring. 

Student Contributor, Piper Megellas

March 29, 2024

Harmless Senior Pranks that Won't Get You in Trouble
Planning a senior prank? Get a few harmless senior prank ideas here.
Every senior class wants to have a little fun. After four long years of early mornings and study sessions, it's understandable that you may want to try to spice things up at school. There's no immediate danger from this desire - but some students take it too far and pull pranks that prevent them from walking at graduation, or worse, end up damaging property or other people. This doesn't mean, of course, that you can't play a prank at all. If you and your friends are considering a senior prank, check out some of these harmless, fun ideas that won't get you in trouble this year.

Senior Prank Ideas

1. Cover a wall or other item in sticky notes.

Line up a whole bunch of sticky notes from top to bottom - this fun prank leaves a statement while being harmless and relatively easy to clean. Not a fan of covering a wall? Consider another item, like a desk, chair, or car.

2. Spell out your class year on the floor.

Toothpicks, forks, even pickles! There are so many fun items you can use to spell out your class year. Try this prank outside your school or in the cafeteria. It's harmless and hurts nobody, but still is fun and shows pride for your class!

3. Turn Chairs Upside Down

The cafeteria, the classroom - there are many locations with lots of chairs in the school! One easy prank is to flip the chairs over. It's easily cleaned up but still super fun and definitely noticeable by the other grades.

4. Use Bubble Wrap to Cover Items

Another classic, but fun, idea is to use bubble wrap to cover various items in your school, like chairs, tables, desks, and computers. The bubble wrap will be a pain to get off for the other students, but won't leave any long-lasting damage.

5. Hang Something From the Ceiling

This is where you can really get creative. As long as you are staying away from any large or disruptive objects, you can likely hang nearly anything you want. Consider clothing items like shoes or shirts or food items like hot dogs or apples. You could even come up with a pun related to your school mascot! As long as the seniors help clean up, this is a prank that is unlikely to land you in hot water.

6. Fill the Halls with Cups

Additionally, you and your friends could fill the halls with cups, balloons, or some other silly item. Stay away from live animals and slip hazards, like liquids, though.

7. Print and Spread Business Cards

If you're looking for a senior prank that leaves a mark for a long time to come, one option is printing business cards that say class of 2024 (or whatever year you graduate) and spreading them throughout the school. If you do a good job hiding them, students may be finding them for years - or decades - to come!

8. Plan an Event

If you want an option that allows for more freedom and creativity, it may be a good idea to plan an event during a school day. Your class could plan karaoke during lunch, a flash mob, a sleepover on school grounds, or hire a service like a food truck or clown. Not only is this a memorable prank, but it's also fun for all of the seniors and provides time to socialize with your friends. Make sure to consider your school's rules when planning an event like this - not all schools with take to this equally. However, if an event is not too disruptive and can be easily cleaned, it is generally a safe go. If in doubt of whether or not a prank is acceptable and appropriate, ask yourselves some of these questions. 1.) Will my prank cause permanent damage to property? If so, consider a prank that is more easily cleaned. Vandalism isn't just a prank - it's a crime too. 2.) Will my prank harm anyone? No matter what, never do a prank that has the potential to harm anyone else! The last thing you want is to be responsible for someone getting injured or ill. 3.) Is my prank highly disruptive? A small distraction may be okay, but large disruptions could get you in trouble. It's always better to err on the side of caution. If you're still unsure, consider talking to a teacher or member of the administration for guidance. Many admins will be tolerant of pranks if they are cleared first. So, get out there, get pranking, and above all else, be safe!

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