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Free Resources in College? Yes, please!

There are many kinds of free resources available to college students. Find out how a student uses her college's free student tools and where to find them.

Student Contributor, Mary Bellm

January 07, 2021

Free Resources in College? Yes, please!
Use your college’s official website to look for free resources.
Free resources can be a blessing in college—from tips on what classes to register for each semester to free student tutoring if you just can’t understand a class. I always perk up when I hear or see free as a college student; like a free cup of coffee or a free on-campus lecture. There are many kinds of free resources available to college students, whether you are attending a community college, private college, public university, graduate school, or any other type of higher educational institution. Let’s take a look at what my college, Truman State University, offers students and what you can look for in comparison. Wherever you are currently attending school, there are certainly people you can speak to about resources if you don’t find a lot online. Academic counselors, financial aid officers, professors or student leaders all are great people to ask.
Use your college’s official website to look for free resources. Web pages for financial aid, admissions, mental and physical health resources, the school FAQ’s page, and your major page can be helpful sources. There’s even a page for Current Students that I found after searching “Truman State University free resources” which your college might have too. Many resources might be included on these important and relevant pages, or even on a specific section of your college’s website under “Free Resources.” Time Saver Tip: Open all the links you click on in separate tabs or new windows, so you don’t have to click the back button to reread anything!
TSU’s financial aid resources include FAFSA help, pre-answered questions about scholarships, guides to how much tuition and graduate school may be, links to other resources across the web, and much more. Fastweb has a lot of information on the FAFSA too. My university has a page dedicated to helping students understand and fill out the FAFSA and understand other aid they may receive via a Glossary of Aid Terms page. Your college might have something similar, or you can use the one offered at student to understand terms. Free resources aren’t limited to finance. Food pantries close to campus or food packs from a university can be great for students on a budget, or those who are depending on their own income to make it through college. At TSU you show your student ID to get a free food pack from campus. Free food can mean affording that month’s rent, focusing better in class, or simply stressing less about making your expensive meal plan work.
In addition, TSU has a Career Center where students can make an appointment and receive free help with interviews, resumes, career advising, and other job-related topics that can make a difference in how you might fare after graduation. They have accommodated their once in-person events into free online resources. They also host free Career Expos and Grad Weeks yearly with employers and other opportunities for all students—no matter your school year. Students can also find free help offered by other students. This includes, tutoring, free dinners, or fun events. Check with student-led organizations, sororities and fraternities, religious student organizations, or academic groups to find student-sponsored help and free events. At TSU, there are a few places we can go for peer tutoring, assistance with academic writing, or any other classes students can assist with. There is even tutoring specific to foreign languages. In fact, it’s a student requirement for those enrolled in language courses. Free academic or mental-wellness advice is provided for students through university Counseling Services. Students that live in the dorms or college housing can find the same through their Residential Advisors. Additionally, the Student Activities Board offers a few, big events per year, including free hot dogs and more with their Welcome Back and Year End events. These often include fun painting or creative events. Some of which happen nearly every month. In a normal year, TSU students can find the organization offering free hot chocolate along with the Baptist Student Union in the winter months, too! Finding free resources is simple and it can mean a big difference for your college education. Don’t hesitate to use them!

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