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Dresses, Tuxedos & Masks: Prom Trends 2021

A high school senior shares the top five prom dress and tuxedo trends of 2021. Bonus: Where you can rent your prom night attire.

Student Contributor, Lydia Schultz

April 20, 2021

Dresses, Tuxedos & Masks: Prom Trends 2021
2021 has brought many changes, including new prom trends.
Flowers are blooming, the weather is finally nice again, and the school year is coming to an end…which can only mean one thing: prom! As someone who has been looking at prom dresses since freshman year, it’s hard to believe that my senior prom is right around the corner—though I would never have imagined that it’s happening during a pandemic. 2021 has brought many changes, including prom trends. Here are some of the new styles this year to consider when selecting your best look for prom. Bonus: What to do about the masks?

Rental Dresses

This is the night! While it may be overwhelming at first to choose the “perfect” outfit, if you try to remain realistic and enthusiastic during your search, you’ll undoubtedly find a dress that’s made for you. Try to be mindful of a budget as well. Yes, it’s a special night, but… it’s only one night. If money is a concern, renting a dress is a smart idea. Here are a few links that I browsed through while searching for a prom dress: Rent the Runway: Prom Dresses & Gowns JJ’s House Prom Dress Rentals

2021 Prom Dress Trends

Below are the top Prom looks this year.
  1. Ball Gowns
  2. This classic dress out of fairytales will have you feeling like royalty the whole night!
  3. Two-Piece Dresses
  4. As a modern twist to the traditional ball gown, you can mix-and-match the top and bottom for an endless combination of styles that you like best.
  5. High-Low Gowns
  6. If you typically prefer shorter dresses, these gowns that are high in the front and long in the back are a perfect choice for you so you still keep the formality of prom.
  7. Off-the-Shoulder Dresses
  8. An increasingly popular trend that will make you look like a goddess on your special day!
  9. A Pant-Suit Look
  10. Pant-suits are one of the most recent trends for prom that is an elegant, unique look that is not just reserved for business meetings anymore.

Rental Tuxedos

Formal events are usually okay to wear business attire to, but prom night definitely calls for a tuxedo. Don’t worry though– you can rent out a tuxedo online or at a local store. Here are some links to online retailers to assist you with your search: Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedo Rental Jim's Formal Wear Tuxedo Rental Generation Tux Online Tuxedo Rentals

2021 Prom Tux Trends

Below are some fun tux trends:
  1. The Blue Tux
  2. Not only will blue add a pop of color in a sea of black tuxedos, but blue prom dresses are one of the most popular colors for girls, so you and your date (if you have one) will look like a super stylish power couple.
  3. The Classic Tux
  4. When in doubt, go with the classic black and white look. It makes a sophisticated look for all skin tones!
  5. A Hint of Color
  6. If you want something different than the typical monotone fashion, but don’t want anything too showy, then a hint of color under your jacket is exactly what you need. Vests come in a variety of colors, but try to pick one that is similar to your skin tone or eye color.
  7. A Floral Jacket
  8. Talk about a fashion statement! Choosing a patterned jacket and bowtie over a white shirt will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Florals are perfect for springtime, and are totally “in” for 2021.
  9. Velvet
  10. Velvet is known to be a more sophisticated material, and will up your game for prom this year. Go for a colored velvet jacket to really show it off!

    The Mask Dilemma

    This year, teens across the country will have an additional accessory to factor in with their prom looks: masks. It’s imperative that you protect others by wearing a mask the whole time, so it should definitely complement your outfit. Choosing one doesn’t have to be complicated, while you could make a custom mask that matches, the simplest choice would be finding a single-colored mask that is the same color as your dress or tuxedo. If that isn’t possible, plain black matches pretty much anything! I hope that this article helped inspire your 2021 prom night look. While creating your outfit is a lot of the fun for this event, remember that it’s not everything. Be sure to check out the Stuck at Prom Scholarship, too! The winning prize is $10,000 for the best outfit created out of duct tape! And if your school isn’t hosting prom for whatever reason, don’t be afraid to create your own with a friend or even your entire school! I’m wishing everyone a safe, fun, and memorable prom!

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