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College Offers Free Uber Rides for Students

College Offers Free Uber Rides for Students
Uber changes the commute for students at Masschusetts college.
Uber has been changing the way people get around for years, but now it’s changing the way college students get to classes at one school in Worcester, Massachusetts. Assumption College recently finalized its Uber ride-sharing program, and students are already clamoring to take advantage of the service, according to The Telegram. Under the new service, students will be able to take free Uber rides to their classes at other local colleges and universities that participate in the inter-institution community in the city. Additionally, Assumption students will receive a discounted rate when they travel to other points in Worcester. For each ride students take to select locations within a given time during the day, the school will reimburse them $4 if they take an Uber. Through the program, students can take an Uber from campus between the hours of 2 – 9 p.m. but return back to campus from the city at any point during the day or night in order to receive the discounted rate.
The Telegram reports that though each student at Assumption uses a variety of modes of transportation, Uber is the most popular. Approximately 60% already use the service to get around town while 59% of the student body drives their own vehicle. About 13% use public transportation and 7% call a taxi. So far, 200 students have registered for free rides from Uber at Assumption College, according to The Telegram. The fare reimbursement program is being funded by the student activity fee account with the Assumption Student Government Association. Currently, two other schools offer similar programs with local cab services in the Boston metropolitan area: North Shore Community College and Lesley University. It’s likely just a matter of time before other colleges across the country follow their lead.

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