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Best Free Online Learning Courses, E-Learning Tips

Sorting through hundreds of learning channels and thousands of courses can be daunting. Here's an easy solution with tips to help you excel in the digital classroom.

Shawna Newman

May 14, 2020

Best Free Online Learning Courses, E-Learning Tips
With all of the free online learning platforms the World has access to today, can you imagine where Albert Einstein, Nickola Tesla, or Marie Curie may have taken humankind if their genius prime occurred today? Adding to your wonder, you may have recently pondered questions like: Should I take an online course? What are the best websites for online training? Where do I look for professional development certificates? Odds are you’ve been considering online learning for yourself or a loved one. Maybe you know someone scouring the internet now trying to find the best free online learning site? Sorting through hundreds of learning channels and the thousands of free courses, can be daunting. Good News: Fastweb's research team has sifted through the top online learning sites to design a one-stop, Online Learning Education Center so you don’t have to hassle with the task of research or comparison. Our new, education center provides three tools you can use to find learning channels that offer the best courses and certifications fit for you. Straightforward, organized and simple...It’s about time!
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The State of Online Learning

As COVID-19 fuels learning format uncertainties, for all levels of education this fall, the virtual classroom is beginning to rise as an essential learning format for America. Teachers, instructors and professors from primary schools to the college online master's levels of education—even employees seeking professional development opportunities—are actively looking for smart platforms, like, to host and manage their own online learning sites.
The digital learning trend supports what many educational experts have been saying...the time for online learning platforms and education is now. Coursera, a massive and collaborative e-learning environment, reports that in “the past month 5.9 million learners enrolled in courses on Coursera and nearly 2,700 institutions launched Coursera for Campus programs.”

E-Learning Benefits

If pandemic urgency is not enough to crown e-learning the royalty of education, a World Economic Forum blog references research that supports the effectiveness of online classes—highlighting that, on average, students retain a quarter to more than half of the material in a virtual classroom than they would in traditional settings.
Not only is free online learning an innovative way to share new ideas and teach students, and not so traditional students such as certified professionals, the art of adaptability. Real time learning keeps your brain active too. No matter what your level of genius, you'll never know it all. A keen mind gives you an edge as this Harvard Health article suggests. From EdX- a website connected to top universities and accredited colleges offering free courses to Khan Academy - an educational resource for all ages, we live in a time of infinite learning and personal growth opportunities. Even better, thousands of these digital courses, video courses and certifications cost nothing—they're absolutely free.

Six Digital Learning Tips

If you’re looking to find a digital course that fits your needs—be aware—you may feel overwhelmed quickly. Hundreds of thousands of courses exist out there. But before you dig into our online learning portal, prepare yourself for infinite learning possibilities with these essential e-learning tips and hacks. Pick a course that sparks your interest. If you have a choice, pick a topic you’ve been meaning to explore or revisit. If you choose something too advanced, you may soon find your coursework more of a hassle. And, we know how hard it is to try again when we’ve had a bad experience. You have so many subject possibilities, such as Coursera’s Hypothesis Testing in Public Health to EdX’s How to Write an Essay course. Self-Care is important as a digital student. An EdX blog mentions being mindful when enrolled in a remote learning class. Take care of yourself by scheduling and taking breaks along with other healthy practices such as hydrating and exercising. You’ll get the most from online education, if your mind is well nourished. Connect with your learning community. Don’t isolate yourself as a virtual student. Reach out to other students in your digital classroom with web conferencing to network, share ideas and discuss real world concerns related to your lessons. Putting your digital studies into action and hearing how things differ from the heart of the Midwest to the mountains of China provides a robust educational experience—something the walls of a traditional classroom limit. Bonus: there are a lot of networking opportunities as you connect with your online classmates. Don’t be afraid to email or IM your instructor. The majority of course leaders enjoy hearing from their students. Asking questions adds value to their content and helps them to discover what’s working in the online training and what’s not. It’s always a great idea to build your network too. Who knows; your instructor may have the job connection you’re looking for! Experiment to find the style of virtual training that works best for you. For some, online learning may seem too...distant or impersonal. If you find yourself struggling with this scenario, we suggest you look for hybrid types of virtual learning courses. For instance, you may do better with video courses where you can see your instructor weekly or even daily. Some courses encourage classroom chats to put what you’ve learned into action. Try gamified learning for a challenge. For learners that require steady engagement and/or are influenced by rewards, digital content using gamification may keep you interested and help you excel in your distance education course. An example of gamification would be Khan Academy Kids App. This app keeps the learner engaged with positive encouragement and rewards the student by moving them to the next level. AP courses that use flash cards would also be considered a gamified-learning experience.

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