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What’s the FSEOG Grant?

Shawna Newman

March 19, 2020

What’s the FSEOG Grant?
As a college-bound high school student or a current college student, there are many types of education grants available to you. Understanding each grant type may seem overwhelming, but you should continue to educate yourself in the available Department of Education's grant programs that can help you make college more affordable. One college grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, can provide you up to $4,000 in funds to pay for college! We’ll address common educational opportunity grant questions, and then share the MOST important thing you need to know about this grant, below:

What’s the FSEOG Grant?

This type of federal funding is an educational grant administered by the U.S. Department of Education. According to, “You can receive between $100 and $4,000 a year...” from the FSEOG Grant.
This type of grant is reserved for the most financially needy candidates and is paid in addition to the Pell Grant. The first step in obtaining the FSEOG Grant is by submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

How do I qualify for the FSEOG award?

To qualify for the supplemental educational opportunity grant you: • Must submit your FAFSA
• Be deemed financially eligible via your FAFSA submission • Meet your college’s FSEOG Grant qualifications (Note: set up an appointment with the financial aid office to find out your college’s specific FSEOG Grant qualifications.) • Have not earned a bachelor’s degree

IMPORTANT: The FSEOG Grant is limited!

The FSEOG Grant is limited because colleges receive a government-determined, one-time amount of FSEOG Grant funds to provide students each year It is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, should you qualify. Once your college’s FSEOG funds have been depleted (awarded), there will not be any FSEOG Grants provided for the remainder of the year.
This highlights why it’s VERY important to submit your FAFSA as early as you can—if you’re eligible you’ll want to claim all the FSEOG Grant you can before other FSEOG-eligible students do the same.

I’m FSEOG Grant eligible, how do I get paid?

Your college will manage your FSEOG Grant payment. Funds may be paid to you directly, credited to your student account, or a combination of both methods. states your college pays your funds “ least once per term (semester, trimester or quarter).” Speak to a representative from your college’s financial aid office to find out the specific manner of FSEOG Grant payment distribution.

Do I need to do anything to keep my FSEOG Grant?

In order to continue to receive the FSEOG Grant you must complete your FAFSA each year. Should your financial situation not change, and you’re enrolled in the same college, you may very well qualify for the FSEOG Grant the following year. As mentioned previously, it’s very important you submit your FAFSA as early as you can! The FAFSA is available October 1, each year.

What are some other federal grants?

Teach grants are great if you're planning to become a teacher. • The Pell Grant is a common form of additional funding • If you're in the military, you should look into the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

Don’t Forget About Scholarships

In addition to the FSEOG Grant, you should apply for scholarships, as they can certainly help you fund your education too! Scholarships serve as a great way to fill in any financial gaps that may arise while attending school. Be sure to create a free profile at! By creating a profile, you’ll be matched and notified of scholarships that specifically fit you and your degree type (and much more).

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