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Free College Tuition for Veterans at Select Schools

Education benefits for military veterans. Thank you for your service!

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

May 23, 2018

Free College Tuition for Veterans at Select Schools
There are a number of programs and organizations that work hard to help veterans acclimate to college life, whether that’s through tuition assistance, credits for military experience or special housing and lounges in which to foster community. One of the largest programs for veterans that expands across colleges all over the country is the Yellow Ribbon Program. According to the Veterans Affairs website, the Yellow Ribbon Program allows “institutions of Higher Learning (Degree Granting Institutions)…to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program to make additional funds available for [your] education program without an additional charge to your GI Bill entitlement.” Essentially, the institution is able to determine how much they will contribute to a veterans total cost of attending and the VA will match that. Some schools, like Drexel University, decide to just foot the entire amount. To see which schools in your state participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, check out their website. Also, some states have been providing tuition waivers at public colleges and universities to veterans for years:
Additionally, most states in the country provide tuition waivers to spouses and/or children of veterans who were either killed in action or missing in action. Each state has different policies so it’s important to check the respective state’s veterans affairs website.
Looking for more military-related information? is a great resource for all of your questions.

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