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Scholarships for College Freshman

College Freshman

Just because you've started college doesn't mean the scholarship search has to end.

In fact, there are just as many college freshman scholarships out there as there are scholarships for high school seniors.

You just need to find time between attending class, organizing philanthropies, pulling all-nighters and hanging with friends to find the time to apply for scholarships.

Each month, pick one or two 3 to 4 hour time slots where you can buckle down and focus on those college freshman scholarship applications you've let pile up.

Start applying for college freshman scholarships on Fastweb now.

Largest Scholarships for College Freshman

Name Amount Deadline
George W. Jenkins Scholarship $55,000 December 01, 2017
James W. McLamore WHOPPER Scholarship $50,000 December 15, 2017
Battelle Scholarship $45,000 Varies
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program Up to $40,000 January 04, 2018
Honors Program Scholarship - CSU $37,056 January 15, 2018
NSA Cooperative Education Program Up to $43,684 Varies
FIRST Scholarship - Tulane University $30,000 January 05, 2018
Patricia Cornwell Scholarship $30,000 January 05, 2018
Bethel National Merit Scholarship $30,000 Varies
Tarble Family California Scholarship Up to $27,000 December 03, 2017