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San Joaquin College of Law

Clovis, CA

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San Joaquin College of Law (SJCL) is a private, non-profit law school in Clovis, California, US. It was founded in Fresno in 1969 by Fresno County Municipal Court Judge Dan Eyman, U.S. District Court Judge Oliver Wanger, and attorney John Loomis. The school began instruction in 1970.

In 1996, SJCL relocated to the original Clovis High School building, following a multi-million dollar renovation. The structure was built in 1920, but had deteriorated to the point where a coyote was living in the basement. The renovation, including a new courtroom, lecture hall, and enlarged library, allowed the Law School to expand, while still maintaining the historic character of the building. There remains no comparable institution for 120 miles (190 km) in any direction in the central San Joaquin Valley.[nb 1]

More than 25% of the total practicing lawyers in the Fresno area are SJCL graduates, including 48% of women and 35% of minority lawyers.

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