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Central Christian College of the Bible

Moberly, MO

University Website:  www.cccb.edu
Apply Online:  cccb.edu/admissions/apply_online/online_application.aspx

Founded in 1957, Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri is an accredited (Association for Biblical Higher Education) four-year college supported by Christian churches and churches of Christ to prepare leaders with biblical instruction and practical training for service around the world. Central enrolls several hundred students, providing full-tuition scholarships, which allows students the opportunity to train free of educational debt. Central's stated mission is to develop servant-leaders for the church. The focus is not only quality education, but also practical ministry. They offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in the following: Christian Education, Christian Counselors, Pastoral Ministry, Youth and Family Ministry, Religious Studies, General Ministry and Cross-Cultural Ministry. As of 2008, certain programs that were either currently offered as four-year degrees or not originally offered were made into optional certificate programs that students could choose to take. Among these included the former four-year Music Ministry degree, and a new addition of Children's Ministry.

The founding board of directors, meeting in February 1957, was led by chairman O.S. Lincoln in unanimously declaring and affirming that "the purpose of the school is to recruit and train leadership for the church at large according to the New Testament teaching." Central remains exclusively committed to pursuing this purpose.

From 1957 to 1968, the college’s campus was located east of downtown Moberly on Ault Street. In 1968 the college moved to its present campus in southeastern Moberly.

Over these years, the college has grown in its facilities, its resources, and its family of alumni. Graduates of Central Christian College of the Bible are serving across the nation and around the world.

The college began serving students with online courses in 2007; they are taught by instructors from Central and other brotherhood Bible colleges. The College currently offers eighteen online courses between their faculty and the offerings of other participating colleges. The college is working to develop additional future offerings.

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