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Narrow Down Your List of Colleges

Your best friend might be putting in his or her application at 20 schools, but that’s not necessarily the best strategy.

What You Should Do On Your Campus Visit

A college visit isn’t your chance to sit back, relax and take it all in. You need to be active in finding out if this is the best place for you for the next four years.

Submitting an Early Application

Ready to commit to a school already? Or just dying to know sooner rather than later if you got into your dream school? Submit an early application.

The Ideal Applicant

The ideal applicant doesn’t have perfect grades and test scores. Rather, they have a general interest in the school, among other things.

Preparing for Standardized Tests

It would be nice if you could walk in on test day, and answer every question perfectly. But unfortunately, you have to prepare.

How to Write Admissions Essays

Your admissions essay is going to be the part of the application that actually speaks to who you are. Make it count.

Secrets of a Great Recommendation Letter

Ok, so this one isn’t necessarily for you, but you can help guide your teachers, coaches and influential friends to write a great letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Common Interview Questions and Answers

The admissions interview is not scary, and the admission officer is not trying to stump you, especially if you’re prepared with these five common questions.