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What to Do Once You’ve Applied

Believe it or not, there is a to-do list you need to check off even after you’ve applied to your top choice colleges.

What to Do When You Make the Waitlist

Waitlist is such a misleading term. If you’ve been place on one, don’t just sit around and…well, wait. Take action and show you interest more than ever.

Moving Past the College Rejection Letter

Some of the smartest people have been rejected by their top choice college – so don’t despair. In fact, move on and make a Plan B.

Stuck Between Two Schools

As you get down to the wire, you may find yourself loving one school just as much as another. So what do you do?

3 Signs You’re Ready to Commit to a College

Deciding on a college is a big deal, but if it meets all of your standards and expectations, don’t question your gut feeling.