Mark Kantrowitz
Publisher of the FinAid and Fastweb websites

One of the nation's leading financial aid experts, Mark Kantrowitz has written two books on student aid and has even been called to testify before Congress about financial aid, scholarships and student loans on several occasions. Quoted daily in national newspapers, there's a reason why he's the financial aid guy's financial aid guy.

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The Best Financial Aid and Loan Calculators

Calculate financial aid, loan payments, and more with FinAid Calculators.

Published January 13, 2022

Which Assets and Debts are Reported on the FAFSA?

Expert advice on maximizing financial aid eligibility on the FAFSA.

Published January 10, 2022

Are Financial Aid and Scholarships the Same Thing?

Scholarships and financial aid are not created equal, but they both help to pay for school!

Published January 7, 2022


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