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Undecided is Not a Major

When it comes to college, undecided is not a major.

The About Usm Team

September 02, 2009

Undecided is Not a Major
Ready to head off to college? Ready to be independent? Looking for some fun: football games, meeting new friends, parties, maybe pledging, certainly dating? It’s going to be exciting, challenging and mind expanding. Oh, and by the way, have you decided in what you are going to major? Any idea what courses you want to take; where they will lead; what you will do after you graduate; and most importantly how you will market yourself to the waiting world? Ok, you could just put down “undecided” and make up your mind later. Something will come along that grabs your attention, right?

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Unlikely! The preponderance of the data shows that entering freshmen college students who are majoring in “undecided” are the ones most likely to drop out. At one college the rate is north of seventy percent. Have you checked your scholarship matches recently? See them now.

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Why? Simply put, if you have no purpose, no passion you’ll have no drive, no reason to get you into the books at night and up and out of the bed in the morning. You’ll meander; and chances are you’ll eventually meander right off the campus. It happens … too often as the boring statistics show….. And if this should happen to you, when you do leave, chances are you‘ll have a companion: student debt. If you take out any loans to go to school, that burden will follow you, everywhere. You can’t just brush those debts off because you are no longer a student. Now, you are no longer a student AND with debt. Take advantage of the About-U Report and get some sense of direction! It is an online assessment that will result in a twenty-two-page report and an MP3 explanation. It cost about as much as a major text book. Now, compare the cost of taking the report and getting accurate and necessary guidance to getting the wrong degree or worse, failing out of school or just leaving due to confusion. It’s your choice.

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Add some certainty to your future. Go to and see how to move from undecided to clear.

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