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5 Rewards of AP Courses

By taking AP courses, you’re demonstrating to the college that you are able to handle a college level course while you’re still in high school.

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 20, 2019

5 Rewards of AP Courses
High school juniors, now is the time to consider if you'd like to take on AP, that stands for “Advanced Placement,” courses your senior year and which course subjects you're interested in pursuing. It's also the time to discuss these ambitions with your teachers, family and school's AP coordinator. Not sure? Keep reading to discover the benefits of AP courses and how they can help you prepare for both your college and career path. If you’re debating on taking an AP course your senior year, it’s helpful to learn a little bit more about why it’s encouraged.

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Yes, it is difficult and a lot of work. Yes, you do have to sign up for and take an advanced placement exam. Both of these factor in as to whether or not you’re even eligible to take an AP course. You’re best course of action is to talk to your guidance counselor right now about whether or not this is a path you should embark on. The good news is that, if you decide that you would like to pursue the AP route, there are plenty of rewards awaiting you upon completion!

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Here are just some examples of what AP courses can do for you:

Give You an Edge in College Admissions

If you could have an extra advantage to get into your top school you would want it, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what an AP course can help with! By taking AP courses, you’re demonstrating to the college that you are able to handle a college level course while you’re still in high school.

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This is impressive to college admissions officials and they often view applicants who take such courses as students who are able to take on challenges, motivated and hard-working – all admirable qualities that most colleges are looking for in undergraduate students.

Earn College Credit

In addition to being impressive, you can actually earn college credit for taking AP courses in high school. As long as you take the AP Exam and score successfully (based on your colleges score definition) coupled with completing the course, most colleges in the U.S. grant credit for AP scores. It is important, however to check your potential colleges’ guidelines on accepting AP scores for credit. If you are able to gain college credit now, it can save you a significant amount of time and money in college.

Skip College Introductory Courses

Colleges have general required courses that are crowded and that most students generally wish they could opt out of taking. If your high school happens to offer an AP course that’s similar, you may be able to take it so that you can skip the requirement and move directly into the upper-level courses that dive into subjects that tend to be a little more interesting. Alternatively, you might be debating majors once you get to college. If your high school offers an AP course in one of the introductory level subjects, you can take it in high school so that you will not have to pay to take both in college. That could save a lot of time and money also!

Build College Skills

Taking AP courses now can help you build the skills you need to succeed throughout your college career. Your time-management skills and study habits will become stronger than ever before – both skills you will need for the next phase in your life, your college journey. You’ll be exposed to college-level work early on so that, once you get to college, you’ll be at an advantage whereas the other students who were not exposed will need time to adjust.

Qualify for Awards

It’s no secret that many – if not most - scholarship providers value academic achievement! Taking on an AP course or two is a great way to show off your academic talents and, in turn, get noticed in the scholarship world. There are even scholarships that only AP students qualify for, which increase your odds of winning because it’s a much smaller group. Additionally, there are AP awards for AP students that gain high scores on AP exams – yet an even smaller group!

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