Can Colleges Take Back Their Offers?

Elizabeth Hoyt

February 23, 2018

Can Colleges Take Back Their Offers?
It’s easy to lack motivation senior year, but don’t let it jeopardize your future!
You're halfway through your senior year and you've been accepted into the college of your dreams when suddenly everything goes awry. One slight misstep and you begin to wonder: Have I really risked everything I've ever worked for because of one silly mistake? Is this possible or is it an urban legend? Students often wonder: once accepted into a college, is the school able to rescind an admissions offer?
The simple answer is yes. The reasons for such action vary, but are often centered on the following:
• The student’s poor or failing grades senior year

• Coursework that was pending senior year and remained incomplete

• The college’s discovery of false information on the original application form

• Learning that a student’s essay was plagiarized

• Suspension or expulsion from high school

How can you prevent this from happening to you?
• Always provide accurate information on your applications

• Never plagiarize your essays (or anything, for that matter)

• Maintaining your grade point average

• Completing all classes and coursework for graduation

• Staying out of trouble, both in school and with the law

It’s easy to lack motivation your senior year, but don’t let senioritis jeopardize your future! You've worked so hard to get into school; it would be such a shame to let yourself slack off at the end enough to impact your admission into the college you were planning on attending. In the event that something does happen to you, contact the admissions office at the college you were planning on attending immediately. Whatever you do, don’t avoid the situation, because it absolutely won’t help. The admissions office can let you know how your situation will impact your admission and what, if anything, you can do to remedy the situation to keep your spot in the incoming freshman class. If you’re unsure about how to approach a particular situation with your colleges’ admissions office, you can always ask your high school guidance counselor for help. They've dealt with situations like these many times over and are there to help you work it out so that you can have the best possible outcome.

What are your tips to stay motivated senior year?

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