Facebook Internships for Students -- Legal Internship

Land one of the most covetous internships in the country -- a Facebook Legal Internship.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

July 15, 2020

Facebook Internships for Students -- Legal Internship
Apply for the Legal Internship with Facebook.
The Legal Internship is available to current law students who are attending a nationally-accredited law school. Interns may work in one or more of the following areas: litigation, regulatory, intellectual property, corporate, commercial, product and/or employment. Deadline: Rolling Website: Apply for the Legal Internship with Facebook

More Facebook Internships

Facebook, with 85 locations around the world, is one of the most coveted places to land an internship. Though it is technically a tech company, there are internships in a variety of fields, like business development, public policy and marketing. Internships at Facebook are truly a one-of-a-kind experience. According to Facebook, the following is what sets their internship program apart from others:
• Interns are paired 1:1 with a mentor, and work closely with their manager. Additionally, interns have access to the entire Facebook community as they navigate their learning and working experience. • Interns are automatically considered for a full-time position upon the completion of their degree – or another internship if they are still enrolled in an institution of higher learning by next year. • Interns are immersed in a project during their first week, meaning they learn as they go. • In addition to the benefits given to full-time employees, interns are also given housing assistance during their internship experience. • Finally, interns benefit from fun offerings outside of work, like sporting events, community service opportunities, and networking events with Facebook leaders.

Facebook Internship Qualifications

Facebook Internship qualifications vary by department and role. They also vary by education level. Some internship opportunities require that applicants be working toward a Master’s or PhD. At the same time, there are internship opportunities at Facebook that simply require an analytical or creative mindset. Students interested in an internship at Facebook should explore all opportunities and assess their match to specific Facebook Internship qualifications on an individual basis.

Facebook Internship Deadlines

Just like Facebook Internship qualifications fluctuate, so do Facebook Internship deadlines. While they may line up with the summer months or semester start and end dates, students should do their due diligence during the internship application process to ensure they’re sticking to the designated timeline. Facebook also hires interns on a rolling basis. Fortunately, they will designate which position has a specific internship deadline and which is hired on a rolling basis.

How to Find an Internship

College and graduate students are uniquely poised to find and take part in a college internship program. Many colleges actually offer college credit for internships – so students can take a semester off of classes and opt for an internship instead. Or, they can commit to an internship during the summer months. Additionally, college and graduate students have so many outlets in which to search and gain an internship experience. For one, they have their college career center. This center keeps track of all alumni and where they are working as well as internship providers that the school has sent candidates to in the past. Your college career center can help you find the perfect internship after taking into account your major and hopeful career path. Another place to look for internships is here at Fastweb. We actually provide a list of internships to which you qualify for when you create a profile. You can view internship experiences by company, location and details. From our site, you are directed to the company’s website, where you can officially apply for the internship. Finally, a great way to find an internship is to simply ask your network. Right now, your network includes your family, friends and previous teachers, coaches and mentors. You can reach out to any of these people to ask them to keep an eye out for internships that may appeal to you. They’re also a great resource for securing a letter of recommendation for internships. Whether you land the Legal Internship at Facebook, or find something else entirely, an internship is a great college or graduate school experience as well as a stepping stone to the opportunity you’ll find after graduation. Get started down that path by finding an internship now.

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