Latest $2,500 Goodwall Scholarship Winner Announced

A student shares how she used her creativity to win a scholarship.

Shawna Newman

July 22, 2022

Latest $2,500 Goodwall Scholarship Winner Announced
Personalize your scholarship applications by using your unique aspects to your advantage!
When it comes to winning, we all want to come in first place. Sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to keep pushing ourselves toward our goals. While it is almost impossible to be a winner all the time, it is good to hear stories from winners. These stories come from real people, students just like you. Knowing their efforts paid off serves as a motivation for those of us still working to win. This is no different when it comes to scholarship winners. Hearing about each student that wins a scholarship is proof that with the right scholarship search tool and a whole lot of determination, you have the chance to win college scholarships, too! Ready to hear another winning scholarship story? Just like most United States students, Abigail Moiser was (and is) looking for ways to help pay for college. She adds, “The opportunity to pursue my passion without the financial stress of an astronomical college bill upon graduation helps motivate me to apply for as many scholarships as I can!” Mosier’s determination paid off too, as she was recently named the June $2,500 Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge winner!
Mosier plans to graduate from The University of the Arts in 2024 with a major in Dance and two minors, Creative Writing and Business.

Real Scholarship Advice from a Winner

A current college junior from Pennsylvania, she offers this advice for current students: “... when it comes to scholarships, make a spreadsheet for organization and always personalize your applications by using the unique aspects of yourself to your advantage. Have fun and don’t get discouraged!”

About the $2,500 Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge

While the recent Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge winner was just announced, you still have a chance to win this scholarship, too. Not only is this a reoccurring scholarship opportunity open for all students, the Goodwall app is a helpful student tool to have, literally in your back pocket. With the Goodwall app students can connect with a community of peers to ask questions, get inspiration and make friends. You also can find volunteer events in your community and learning courses to grow personally and professionally. When you create a Goodwall profile, you have the chance to create a digital brag sheet and/or resume to highlight your extracurricular activities and achievements! The scholarship application details are below:
To participate, download the Goodwall app and create your profile. Find a challenge on the app you’re passionate about. Share your challenge response in a three-minute video, a photo, or a text, and post it to your Goodwall profile using the #ScholarshipNow tag. You can apply for this scholarship, here: $2,500 Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge. Before you submit your video entry, be sure to watch Mosier’s winning-scholarship video for inspiration!

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Shawna Newman

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