2022 Doodle for Google Contest Focuses on Self-Care

Get details on the annual Doodle for Google Contest, including a $30,000 college scholarship, $50,000 Tech package and more Google prizes for winners.

Shawna Newman

January 20, 2022

2022 Doodle for Google Contest Focuses on Self-Care
Share your self-care tips through doodles.
Even in typical times, students have a lot to juggle. But America’s students have not had access to normal learning settings for two years. As students and teachers juggle the ever-changing environment of education, acts of self-care are now recognized as priorities. Google has also noted this shift, with the announcement of its 14th Doodle for Google contest theme.

Doodle for Google Theme

The 2022 Doodle for Google contest’s theme is I Care for Myself by... Share your student experience and self-care tips with the help of the Google contest. Inspirational prompts from the Doodle for Google site include:
  • What are your favorite things to do that make you feel better when you’re feeling down?
  • How do you take a break?
  • What activities make you feel calm or give you energy?
  • Students are encouraged to explain how they take care of themselves while conquering daily challenges through art.

    About the Doodle for Google Contest

    Doodle 4 Google Contest

    The Doodle 4 Google Contest is open to students in grades K through 12. To be considered, you must use your creativity to create your own interpretation of the Google logo. Your doodle must be based on what inner strength means to you. Deadline: 3/4/22 Available to: Students, Grades K through 12 Award Amount: Awards from $5,000 - $30,000

    How to Enter the Doodle for Google Contest

    There are four steps to submit your doodle.
    1. Download the entry form.
    2. Create your Doodle masterpiece.
    3. You can use art mediums such as crayons, real materials, digital art and even clay. Submit entries digitally via a .png or .jpeg file.
    4. Explain your Doodle in a few sentences.
    5. Share how it reflects the “I care for myself by...” theme.
    6. Submit your entry online.
    7. An online entry is the preferred method of entry. Be sure to get your Google Doodle and the required documents submitted before the March 4 deadline.

    Doodle for Google Prizes

    Contest winners get to have their artwork displayed on Google! There are three prize levels in the Doodle for Google contest: National Winner, National Finalists and State and Territory Winners. The Doodle for Google grand prize, also known as the National Winner, is a $30,000 college scholarship, and a $50,000 technology package for your school or non-profit of your choice. In addition to $80,000 in prizes, the winner gets their artwork featured on Google’s homepage for a full day. The National and State/Territory winners judged in the five grade groups below:
    1. Kindergarten - 3
    2. 4 - 5
    3. 6 - 7
    4. 8 - 9
    5. 10 - 12

    National Finalists

    Five National Finalists are selected for the Google for Doodle competition. Each national finalist winner will get:
  • A $5,000 college scholarship
  • Their artwork featured on the Doodle for Google gallery
  • Google hardware
  • Google swag
  • State, Territory Winners

    At the State and Territory level, ten or more winners from each grade group is judged state-by-state. The 54 State and Territory winners will get:
  • Their Doodle art displayed on the Doodle for Google gallery.
  • Google hardware
  • Google swag
  • A special celebratory message from Google to share with friends and learning community
  • Visit the Contest’s FAQ page for more details.

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