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The Perfect Internship

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 06, 2018

The Perfect Internship
Do you know what to look for in an internship?
Do you know what to look for in an internship? An internship is a useful experience that can show you what a career in a particular field will look like and if you’re suited for that field. Think about it: how else will you know if that’s what you want to do with your life? An internship is a great way to test out the waters. Check out the below information to help you decide what type of internship may be best for you and how to find it.

The Benefits of Internships

While some internships pay, many do not. However, the benefits you gain can be invaluable to your resume like job experience, networking potential, connecting with mentors, as well as the potential of job placement.

Finding the Right Fit

The right internship can demonstrate what your career path will look like, help you experience the working world for yourself and teach you job placement skills. In addition, internships help you assess if you’re in the right field. If you take an internship in your current major and decide you dislike it, then it may not be the right career path for you. On the flip side, taking an internship in a different field that’s of interest may inspire you to switch majors.
Keep in mind that many internships will contain a mix of exciting and mundane job requirements, as with most jobs, so don’t rule out internships that aren't glamorous all day long. After all, everyone needs to pay their dues! Try to find someone with a career you’d like to have and see if you can intern with them. When you intern working with someone you admire, you’ll be able to learn from them and create great connections that will likely benefit you in the future.

Starting Your Search

Decide what type of internship you’d like to purse and utilize any connections or resources available, including your school’s placement services, teachers and web sites like Fastweb. Don’t discount family and friends! Personal connections often lead to great opportunities, also! If you've always dreamed of working for a specific company or organization, don’t be intimidated to contact them directly to inquire about their internship program. Many companies have programs built specifically for that purpose and knowing you've have a passion for that company or organization will likely make you stand out in the interview process.

How to Get Started

By putting some thought into your search and using the resources that are available to you, you can find an internship that will offer you great opportunities. Keep in Mind Consider your goals and what you’d like to get out of the internship when you’re finished. Are you looking to find out if the path is right for you or are you trying to make connections for the future? What type of skills are you looking to learn?

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