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8 Things Recent Graduates Can Do to Find Jobs

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 01, 2018

8 Things Recent Graduates Can Do to Find Jobs
Don’t get discouraged – you have the world at your fingertips!
As a college graduate or soon-to-be college graduate, there’s a bright new world ahead. There’s also a job search that can be somewhat daunting at times. Don’t get discouraged – you have the world at your fingertips! Follow the below suggestions to help your job search stay on the right track:
Target your resume.
As a general rule, you should never stop editing your resume for the rest of your career. But, while you’re looking for a job, you should continue to target your resume as you would a cover letter. Include any experience and skills that relate to the job position you are seeking.
Revamp your resume post-interview.
Continue to revamp your resume throughout your job search process to address any questions potential employers have asked within interviews, which can be key indicators to improving your resume.
Start looking for jobs right away – and don’t stop.
The job hunt can take a while, so it’s best to start as early as possible. If a job prospect seems promising, don’t stop your search!
You never know how something is going to turn out until your hiring contract is signed so continue your job search until you actual have an employment offer that’s signed, sealed and delivered.
Don’t waste time and effort.
Don’t waste your time by applying for jobs you already know you don’t qualify for. Putting time and effort into that job application process, submitting your resume and corresponding with the hiring manager is all time you could have spent looking for a position that could have had actual potential!
Invest in a great interview outfit.
If you’ve recently graduated, you likely received money for your graduation. It would be wise to invest some of your gift money in your future through the purchase of an interview outfit. Pick something timeless, professional, simple and polished that won’t go out of style. Men should look for a nice suit or can even go for a nice pair of dress pants and oxford shirt. Women should look for a simple dark dress and blazer or dark pants or skirt paired with a simple white blouse and, perhaps, a blazer. Remember, you can always style with accessories. Don’t forget about shoes, which complete the look. Think of it as an investment – not a shopping spree!
Grow your network.
It’s important to build your network of professional contacts within your industry. You can do this by joining professional organizations and getting involved within their events. Keep in mind that just one business contact can lead to dozens of other connections. One sound professional contact can really open doors!
Be realistic.
As a recent college graduate, you likely have limited experience. As a result, you may not be qualified for your “dream job” right out of the gate. Working toward your dream job is what your ultimate goal should be. Keep in mind that, in actuality, many college graduates are taking on jobs that have nothing to do with their degree or don’t even require degrees to pay bills. While this can be frustrating, it’s important to keep an open mind to different areas within your industry and look for opportunities that may help you network within your field.
Stay open to different possibilities.
Avoid boxing yourself into one job description. Getting your foot in the door is often a bridge to your dream job. Rather than turning down a job offer that is not your dream job, consider where any job offer may lead.

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