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How to Find a Part-Time Job Today

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June 02, 2009

How to Find a Part-Time Job Today

There are tons of ways to find out about part-time jobs that are available in your area. Here are just a few:

Make connections with other high school students who have part-time jobs. Talk to them about their jobs and find out what types of businesses are hiring students. You can also make connections with adults who could possibly let you know about job opportunities in their companies. If you're lucky, they can put in a good word for you and get your foot in the door!

Check the newspapers

Look in the classified ads of your local newspaper. There you will find listings of local job openings in just about every field. You can also find phone numbers of businesses you can call for information on available jobs.

Visit local businesses
Stop in and talk to managers at local businesses. Tell them that you're looking for a job and ask them what types of opportunities they have available.

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Search the Internet
Many companies post job openings on the Internet. Use job search sites, such as, to locate part-time jobs in your area. Just type in a keyword for the kind of job you are looking for, such as, "cashier," "waiter," or "sales associate," and listings for available jobs based on the criteria you select will be displayed.

Flip through the Yellow Pages
Looking through the Yellow Pages can give you a perfect idea of the types of businesses there are in your area. If something looks interesting, all you have to do is call the number and ask if they are hiring. They will be able to tell you what you should do to go about getting a job with their company.

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Start your own business
Be creative and start a business of your own. That doesn't mean going out and buying your own car factory. It just means finding a service that your community needs and using your talents and "smarts" to make it happen. This could be mowing lawns in the summer or even your own computer programming business. There is no better way to show your initiative and leadership skills than to create a business yourself!

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