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Go Global: International Internships

International internships can give you experience you've never dreamed of.

By Roxana Hadad

January 22, 2013

Go Global: International Internships Go Global: International Internships

How would you like to be an intern in the British parliament? Or teach English in Japan?

With an international internship, you’ll show employers that you have a knowledge of international business, as well as the ability to work in another culture.

Programs That Send You Abroad

To find an international internship, start with your school. Colleges and universities sponsor many overseas internship programs. You can sometimes get credit and financial aid for your internship. Check your academic department or study abroad office for more information.

Exchange and placement programs also offer paid and unpaid internships. Submit your criteria and they select openings that fit your needs.

Start by checking out:

Going Straight to the Source

You don’t have to go through a placement program to get an internship. By going directly to international organizations or businesses, you can discover some incredible opportunities.

To learn about how businesses and governments run internationally, check out internships with public multinational organizations. These organizations offer a truly global perspective by bringing together representatives from all over the world. Most of these internships are unpaid; paid internships are generally reserved for graduate students. Some good places to start your search include:

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