English Composition

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English Composition

The term composition (from Latin com-"with" and ponere"to place"), in written language, refers to the collective body of important features established by the author in their creation of literature. Most often, composition relates to narrative works of literature, but may also relate to essays, biographies, and other works.

In narratives (primarily fiction), composition includes, but is not limited to,

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English Composition Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
Formation Scholars Award $25,000 May 12, 2017
The Angela Johnson Scholarship Up to $5,000 April 30, 2017
Alma S. Adams Scholarship $5,000 April 30, 2017
English Merit Scholarship - University of Montevallo $3,500 March 01, 2018
Jessica Eakins Memorial Scholarship $1,200 May 11, 2017
Katherine L. Richardson Scholarship $1,000 December 01, 2017
Angelia and Steven Stokes Scholarship $1,000 December 01, 2017
Matheon Scholarship Up to $1,000 May 01, 2017
Gene Roddenberry Memorial/Sir Patrick Stewart Scholarship for Aspiring Writers and Artists $1,000 June 15, 2017
Chuck and Teresa Lawson Perpetual Scholarship $700 May 11, 2017