English Composition

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English Composition

The term composition (from Latin com-"with" and ponere"to place"), in written language, refers to the collective body of important features established by the author in their creation of literature. Most often, composition relates to narrative works of literature, but may also relate to essays, biographies, and other works.

In narratives (primarily fiction), composition includes, but is not limited to,

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English Composition Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
Ralph and Fanny Ellison Scholarship Up to $10,000 March 03, 2017
English Merit Scholarship - University of Montevallo $3,500 March 01, 2017
Creative and Performing Arts Award - ISU $3,000 March 01, 2017
Lloyd David and Carlye Cannon Wattis Foundation Memorial Scholarship $2,500 March 23, 2017
FIRST Scholarship - Pacific University $2,500 February 28, 2017
Judge William O. Beach Endowed Scholarship Up to $2,200 March 01, 2017
Rose Marks Memorial Scholarship $2,100 March 02, 2017
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students Up to $4,000 March 17, 2017
Dr. John E. and Dora Dalton Scholarship $2,000 April 01, 2017
Uncas and Edna McGuire Scholarship Up to $1,700 March 01, 2017