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Ten Fun and Practical Graduation Gift Ideas

All grad gifts from this list are less than $100 and will be cherished for many years to come. From Amazon to Etsy find the perfect graduation gift here.

Shawna Newman

May 04, 2021

Ten Fun and Practical Graduation Gift Ideas
Give a graduation gift that's one-of-a-kind, even on a budget.
For the class of 2021, high school seniors or college seniors, their last few years have been bizarre. Be sure to make them feel special during this season of pomp and circumstance; high school students and college students have been dreaming about their big graduation day for many school years. What’s a practical gift—besides a coffee maker— you can you give your graduate this year that will put a smile on their face for many years to come? We have a few ideas....

Online Shopping

Once approach is to shop the popular arts and craft site, Etsy, to find a one-of-a-kind gift. By doing this, you’re supporting independent creators and small businesses during the Coronavirus crisis, all while sending kudos to your special graduate—Win-Win! Amazon is another great place to shop from at home. However, with the thousands of Amazon Prime eligible items available, you may find yourself in a graduation-gift rabbit hole.

The Trusty Gift Card

For practical purposes, gift cards are a nice graduate gift solution if you’re not sure what he/she wants. This gives your graduate the chance to pick out their gift from you. On the flip side, gift cards are not as charming or thoughtful as a gift. If you’re struggling with this, you could include a note on the card suggesting the gift direction you were intending.
For example, your note could read something like... Dear Jane, Congratulations! Your uncle and I wanted you to have the chance to pick out your gift. We’d love for you to use this money towards something like a T-shirt quilt—a keepsake you can revisit for many years to come. We’re so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best on your college journey. Love, Your Aunt Julie & Uncle John Doe If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, niece, son or best friend you might find these 10 ideas below provide the graduation-gift inspiration you’ve been looking for: GIFTS UNDER $14: 1.) Write a book about the graduate! This book reminds us of a high school yearbook signing event. You’re prompted to complete the book with your own personalized thoughts. This is a reminiscent treasure that will bring many smiles for years to come.
I wrote a book about you image
2.) For those on a budget, this memento key chain will travel with your graduate as they hit the road looking for their next adventure. Plus, it works as a gift for males or females.
key chain with penny
GIFTS UNDER $20: 3.) A piece of art your graduate will cherish. It’s customized to look similar to him/her and includes their school colors! This is a wall-hanging keepsake!
custom graduate artwork
4.) For a graduate that is always up for a laugh, they’ll enjoy this wacky and customized gift. After all, this is a practical gift-who doesn't need socks printed with their face?
funny socks with photo of your face
5.) Support your graduate’s travel dreams with this handy luggage tag.
luggage tag with motivational message
GIFTS UNDER $40: 6.) This handmade necklace is memorable and packaged with a congratulations message.
necklace with motivational message
7.) College graduate, soon-to-be business traveler or high school graduate, soon-to-be visiting home on occasion, this weekender bag is a handy gift for any graduate.
weekender travel bag
GIFTS UNDER $70: 8.) Simple and beautiful — a graduate will hang this in their home office for many years to come. We love how these can be customized with a high school or university facade.
wall plate with building
9.) Every time your graduate pulls out this game, he/she will remember you and the event it was tied too. Ask the seller to engrave “Congrats! Class of 2021” on the back of each piece. How fun!
big outdoor game
GIFTS UNDER $80: 10.) T-Shirt Quilt, Gift Card — It seems like in high school AND college you’re always collecting T-shirts from memorable events like concerts with friends, clubs you were active in, marathons you conquered or four years of college Greek week. The problem is these shirts are stuffed away in a closet, and you are left packing and moving them around year after year. A new trend is to have your T-shirt memories sewed into a cozy quilt. This way, every time you pull it out, you’ll be flooded with many great memories. Project Repeat is just one of many companies that can turn your graduate’s T-shirts into a thoughtful graduation gift.
t-shirt lap quilt

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