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The Most Underutilized Campus Resources You Should Use

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 25, 2017

The Most Underutilized Campus Resources You Should Use
Most students don’t realize how many resources are actually available at most colleges campuses across the country. Take advantage of the resources offered by your school - you'll be glad you did!
When you need assistance in college, do you know where to go? Whether it’s help with your resume, course load or another need all together, most students don’t realize how many resources are actually available at most colleges campuses across the country. When you’re in need of a specific service, remember that tons of campuses offer students most of them, free of charge! Find out what specific resources your campus offers – look out for common campus resources, like these:

Academic Advisors

Most college students don’t have their futures planned out from start to finish and that’s okay – that’s why you’re assigned an academic advisor. These individuals are trained to help you map out your college career and help guide you through the process of achieving your goals. Sure, you can probably do it all on your own, but why would you want to if you don’t have to? Get help from someone who knows how to get you from point A to point B, effectively and efficiently.

Career Centers

Creating your first resume and/or cover letter can be daunting but, with the proper help and guidance, you can ensure yours are in tip-top shape. When creating these job or internship materials, work with your campus career center. In addition to helping you prepare the materials you need for your job or internship search, they can help you locate great opportunities too!


Most colleges are aware that most students get overwhelmed at times. That’s why many have free counseling sessions for students – so you never have to deal with feeling over-stressed, depressed or anxious. Your school wants you to remain healthy, both mentally and physically, so take advantage of this resource as needed.

Crisis Centers / Hotlines

While these resources are for more specific situations, it’s important to know that they exist – whether you know you need them or not. From sexual assault to suicide, most campuses have centers or hotlines to help and support you when you need them most. And, most of these services are completely confidential so you’re able to get the help you need without feeling awkward or uncomfortable (not that you should, but just in case).

Fitness Facilities

While you may only be aware of one, it’s important to remember that most campuses have several athletic and fitness facilities. Students are able to access most of these (though they may only be open specific dates and times due to athletic training schedules). These fitness spots are often high quality and luxurious so it’s worth checking out when you’re able!

Health & Wellness Resources

Many campuses offer a specific number of free health and wellness visits for students. So, when you’re not feeling so hot (physically or mentally) check to see which services your college offers for free or a lower student free. Stay healthy in every way in college – most schools make it easy for you to do so!

Information Technology (IT) Services

Need to troubleshoot a computer issue you’re having? Or, perhaps you need help accessing a campus site or downloading the latest version of a student program. Whatever IT issues arise, trust that your campus IT center can assist you in resolving your computer woes.

Library Resources

Whether you need a quiet spot to study intensely or assistance with a research project, pretty much every campus in existence is equipped with one or more amazing libraries for that – and more. Many schools have private areas for individual or group study sessions. Also, libraries now have digital resources – basically search engines where students are able to utilize a school’s special collections of research materials. They materials are now commonly digitally accessible are often more robust than any quick Google search. If you’re looking for in-depth resources, check with your library administrators for information on accessing your school’s library resources – you’ll be happy you did (and your professors will be impressed, too.)!

On-Campus Living Resources

When you live on-campus, it’s good to know that your resident assistant/advisor (RA) is a great go-to resources to help you get acclimated to campus life, dealing with personal or roommate issues, assistance in course decisions and creating your schedule. Feeling lonely? They can even help making new friends on campus by hosting fun events, meet-and-greets within your dorm and more. While they’re often forgotten, it’s important to remember their sole job is to help students like you – so ask for help when you need it!

On-Campus Attractions

Many campuses include neat on-campus attractions, which students are able to take advantage of free of charge. Each campus has different areas that are both unique and fun for students to visit, like museums, art centers and on-campus movie nights (sometimes with free pizza and snacks!) and more.

Professors’ Office Hours

You know about office hours when you need a little extra help or, perhaps, you when you need to build relationships with professors for recommendation letters. But, getting in the habit of attending all of your professor’s office hours on a regular basis is a great idea. That way, you’ll become acquainted with them, can stay on top of upcoming class news and – bonus – they appreciate students who make the effort. So, when it comes time to round up (or round down) that GPA, make sure they can place your face with your name!

Public Safety Services

Check with your school’s public safety or campus police office to see what services are available next time you need to head home alone at night. Many campuses have on-campus escorts so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable walking alone on your own. Some schools offer free shuttle services, too. These exist to help ensure your safety – so look into them before you actually need them so you’re prepared!


Before hiring a private tutor to help with your studies, check within the various academic centers on campus. Many provide free tutoring for students in various subjects, whether one-on-one or group sessions. When you need a little additional assistance, check out services offered before paying out of pocket.

Writing Centers

Some students thrive on writing assignments while others, well, not so much. But, you will need to be able to write research papers, essays and more in college – that’s a given. When you have writing assignments you find challenging, make sure to check out your campus writing center. They can help with edits and proofreading of said-assignments, plus they can help you fine tune your writing skills.

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