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Spring Break Ideas for High School Seniors

Here are some suggestions on what to do over Spring Break your senior year of high school.

Bailey Vannatta

January 14, 2015

Spring Break Ideas for High School Seniors
As a high school senior, you have a lot on your plate. Between applications, scholarships, dorm shopping, etc. there might not be a lot of time to complete these tasks and enjoy yourself. If you manage your time well, you’ll be on your way to having a fun and productive Spring Break.

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1. Try Something New/Get Prepared
Ever wanted to start a new hobby, but you’ve never found the time? This may be your chance! It’s also a great time to do DIY projects for your dorm room next fall! If you want to learn anything such as cooking, budgeting, etc. before you go off to college, you can do this now. You’ll be surprised of how much you can learn in a week!

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This is also a good time to get prepared for college. Go dorm room shopping, school supply shopping, etc. Get organized! It’s always better to be prepared!
2. Apply for Scholarships & Financial Aid

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Scholarships are everywhere you look, and with all those long essays and upcoming deadlines, who has the time? Spring Break is a good time to line up all of the scholarships you qualify for and complete them. Think of how good you will feel knowing how much you accomplished, and all of that potential free money you applied for! This is also a good time to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application opened on January 1, and some of the state-aid programs, which you qualify for through the FAFSA, are on a first-come, first-serve basis. You want to complete yours as quickly as you can. Even if your parents haven’t gotten their tax information yet, you can estimate off last year’s information and correct it with the right information later.
3. Decide on a College
If you haven’t committed already, this is a great time to compare the pros and cons of colleges you’ve been accepted to and finally deciding on one. This is the time for any last minute tours as well. You want to decide as soon as possible so you can start applying for specific college scholarships, too.
4. Unwind
Don’t forget to relax! This is your last spring break as a high school student. Use this time to catch up on sleep, have fun with friends, and recharge. Make as many memories as possible, because things will change very soon!

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