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How to Get Recruited for College Sports

What athlete doesn't want to receive an athletic scholarship to play college sports?

Brady Keane

September 12, 2014

How to Get Recruited for College Sports
For many high school athletes, moving on to the next level is always a goal throughout an athletic career. Whether it in football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or volleyball (the list goes on…), what athlete doesn't want to receive an athletic scholarship to play college sports? Although you may think the odds are slim that a college will recruit you, there are steps you can take to increase your visibility.

1. Get Started Early

If you’re a high school freshman reading this, you’re on the right track. The earlier you get started, the better chance you have of being recruited by college coaches. Be sure to check that you’re class schedule meets the NCAA’s new requirements, and keep up with your grades to ensure that you meet standards for college entrance.

2. Reach Out To Coaches

Nothing screams “Dedicated Student-Athlete” more than a high school athlete that calls, emails, and sends letters directly to coaches. There are so many players on the recruiting radar of these schools, so personal letters or emails really help you stand out. Most email addresses or mailing addresses can be found on the school’s athletic web page.

3. Create free recruiting profiles

Although some athletes prefer to pay the big bucks for recruiting companies to keep their information out, simple and free recruiting sites, like, can get your name out there as well. If you keep your profile updated, you’d be surprised at the amount of interest you can receive from college coaches just by joining a free program.


Obviously your athletic ability is an extremely vital part of the recruiting trail, but your academic success is very important, too. No coach is going to show any interest in you if your test scores, GPA, and class rank are not up to par. Focus on the classroom.

5. Don’t Get Discouraged

Even if you’re a senior without any recruiting interest, it’s never too late. Get your film out to college coaches, and start making those phone calls and emails as soon as possible. If things don’t work out at the end of your senior season, there is always the Junior College option. However, you can also try to walk-on at a bigger institution as well. The most important thing you can do to help your cause on the recruiting trail is to be visible. Get your film out there, and initiate contact with college coaches as often as you can. Keep your social media pages clean of profanity, and give 100% effort in both the classroom and on the field.

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