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Knifley is an unincorporated community near Columbia in Adair County, Kentucky, United States. Its elevation is 718 feet (219 m). Knifley also has a volunteer fire department In addition to the fire department, there are two gas-station type grocery stores.  Baker's Grocery and Patterson's Bait and grocery which sells Hunt Brothers Pizza, locally known as crossroads store due to its proximity to the only two-lane roads in Knifley intersecting.  These two gas stations serve as the primary source of news and information to the community and are segregated voluntarily by its patrons.  It is a common custom in the community for a family to only use one of the gas stations and only associate with the "loafers" (loitering peoples typicly elderly men) at one station or the other. This practice is not enforced, but going into one store or the other may result in confusion of the residents and many questions on who your parents and grandparents are so they can locate what stock you originated.  After a welcoming ritual, and everyone attaining who your father is it is customary for them to purchase the new guest a soda or invite him to church.

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