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Muskingum University


New Concord, OH

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Muskingum University is a private four-year comprehensive college located in New Concord, Ohio, United States, approximately sixty miles east of the state capital of Columbus. Founded in 1837, Muskingum University is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), although since the 1960s the school's religious nature has significantly diminished. School colors are black and magenta and the school's mascot is the “Fighting Muskie” (the muskellunge, the largest member of the pike family). The school's motto is "Omni, Trinum, Perfectum", Latin for "all perfect things are three-sided" a reference to both the Christian Trinity and Muskingum's mission to develop their students' minds, bodies and souls. Collectively the school's alumni are referred to as the "Long Magenta Line" and students (both past and present) are known simply as "Muskies". New Concord, Ohio is located in far eastern Muskingum County, which derives its name from the Muskingum River. Hence the often misspelled and mispronounced Delaware Indian word Muskingum (translation- "village on the river bank" and/or "glare of an elk's eye"- there's a dispute) was used in naming the school. In June 2009, the institution's name was changed from "Muskingum College" to "Muskingum University".

Approximately 1,700 undergraduate students are currently enrolled at Muskingum, choosing from more than 40 academic majors. New programs have recently been launched in digital media design, criminal justice, and engineering. A new Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) program has also been initiated.

Graduate programs are also offered in education and management information systems, strategy and technology. Muskingum is nationally known[citation needed] for its innovative PLUS program, a service which assists students with learning disabilities cope, adjust, and ultimately succeed in a higher learning environment.

Muskingum's campus consists of 21 major buildings, a football stadium and a small lake, which all sit atop 225 acres (0.91 km2) of rolling hills overlooking New Concord. The beauty of the campus was recently captured in "A Song of the Seasons: Paintings by Jianmin Dou" by Donna Edsall and Yan Sun (2003).

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Muskingum University College Scholarships

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Charles F. & Zella Horn Simpson Memorial Scholarship

Community Foundation of Mount Vernon/Knox County

Varies March 01, 2020 See Details

Charles F. & Zella Horn Simpson Memorial Scholarship

Community Foundation of Mount Vernon/Knox County




March 01, 2020
See Details