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Harrison, MI

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Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC) is a two-year public college founded in 1965. The college has three locations including one in Harrison, Michigan and two in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The main campus is in Harrison, MI on 560 acres (2.3 km2) of land. It contains the majority of the programs the college offers, and the only cafeteria and automotive lab of the three campuses. Nearby is the M-TEC building, offering students vocational and technological trades such as computer-aided drafting (auto-CAD) and welding, and certification programs such as builder's licensing and certified nursing assistant (CENA) certificates, among others. The campus has two entrances; the main west entrance located on Bus 127 (Clare Avenue) just north of Mannsiding Road, and the south "back" entrance off of Mannsiding road, just east of Bus 127 (Clare Avenue). The campus offers numerous shady park-like areas for students to spend time out doors, with picnic tables, benches, and even a couple charcoal grills. Inside, the main campus features a free-to-students gym with weights, treadmills, and exercise bikes, as well as a lounge with large screen TVs and gaming systems.

The Harrison campus has several trails. These trails are open all year long and free to the public, but users are asked to follow the posted rules. There are four trails that make up the trail system. The three walking/running trails are each 1-mile (1.6 km) long and make a 3-mile (4.8 km) loop. No bikes are allowed on these trails. The bike trail is a rigorous 10-mile (16 km) trail through various terrain and grades.

The Mt. Pleasant "Pickard" campus (named for the street it's located on) consists of a three-story office building which has been converted in to classrooms and administration for the Isabella County area. The college is best known for its vocational training (especially in nursing) and its partnership with Central Michigan University also located in Mount Pleasant.

In June 2006, "Mid" broke ground for its third physical campus, a large science and allied health building in Mount Pleasant, the Doan Center, located approximately one mile south of the Pickard campus. While the newest and most modern of the three facilities, the Doan Center does contain a student bookstore but not a cafeteria. It does contain a computer lab for computer-based classes, as well as an additional open computer lab and two small student lounges. Further expansion of the Doan Center is underway and a completion of March 2011 is projected (see below). MMCC serves around 5,000 students annually.

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