Educators-Advisory Board - Fastweb
To ensure that our company is always working to create a better website that meets the needs of students, educators and scholarship providers, Fastweb retains the voluntary services of an advisory board. We're lucky to have such an esteemed panel of experts help us in our goal of helping students pay for college.
Mark KantrowitzMark Kantrowitz
Secrets to Winning a Scholarship
Patty RossPatricia Ross
Vice President
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Inc.
David LevyDavid Levy
Director of Financial Aid
Scripps College
Jeff StahlmanJeff Stahlman
College Counselor
New Albany High School
Wendy StoufferWendy Stouffer
Director of Academic Scholarships
University of Arkansas
David DuncanDavid Duncan
Executive Director
New England Dollars
for Scholars
Sandra CarterSandra D. Carter
Lead Counselor
Hospitality High School of Washington, DC
Tracy BrowerTracy Brower
School Partnership Manager
College Summit
Earl DowlingEarl Dowling
Associate Vice President
for Enrollment
College of DuPage
Jodi HesterJodi Hester
College Counselor
Woodward Academy
Ryan RodriguezRyan Rodriguez
Program Coordinator
Coca-Cola Scholars
Foundation, Inc.
Michael KabbazMichael Kabbaz
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Miami University
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