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Why We Chose the Colleges We Chose

Dartmouth College, N.H.

By Michael Pugh

March 04, 2014

Why We Chose the Colleges We Chose


“I wanted a school with amazing people from all walks of life. I have been at Stanford only a few weeks and have already met people from the East Coast, the Midwest, Canada, Turkey and many other places. I’ve spent many a night talking to these people and hearing all of their awesome stories,” Matt Stenerson, Stanford University.

“I’ve learned an immeasurable amount from the diversity of my classmates. Racially, ethnically, economically and even age-wise, my college is a cross-section of the entire world,” Andrea Pakieser, Harold Washington City College.

Financial Aid

“I labored over financial aid and scholarship offers, meticulously considering my calculations from a variety of angles. Eliminating the schools which would cost more than $20,000 each year after scholarships and financial aid deductions seemed logical,” Terri Bendyna, College of William and Mary.

“The best place to get information on [financial aid] is the financial aid office. If you really are interested in attending this university, they will find a way to help you pay for it,” Emmanuel Situka, Texas A&M.

“[Dartmouth initially] offered me no aid. When I visited, however, I set up an appointment with the financial aid office. They said they would review my case but offered me no guarantees. When I got back home and received a letter from Dartmouth with my financial aid award, I was ecstatic,” Tina Catania, Dartmouth College.


“Talk to people!!! Your college counselor, your cousin who just finished his freshman year… anyone who can give you some current information about the world of colleges is a great reference!” Andrea Pakieser, Harold Washington City College.

“Early in your college search, absorb all the information that you can from different sources (students, friends, published reviews, counselors) and pick the one that best suits your career goals and personality,” David McGibbon, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Check out the library, talk to friends who are in college, look online. Be well informed when you make your decision,” Emmanuel Situka, Texas A&M.

“My only words of advice are to apply to as many places as you can, visit the school after you get in, decide on the place that feels right and accept the fact that things happen for a reason,” Tina Catania, Dartmouth College.

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