College Care Package Ideas

Any college student across the nation would love to receive a subscription box or a delightful one-time delivery from someone who cares.

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 08, 2017

College Care Package Ideas
Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? Especially with surprise treats inside! Whether you’re a parent or relative looking to put a smile on a student’s face or another student looking to send a friend something special, there are plenty of treats you can send or get delivered. Plus, with the holidays coming up, these are some solid gifts ideas that'll keep on giving and students can appreciate year round. Any college student across the nation would love to receive a subscription box or a delightful one-time delivery from someone who cares.
Here are some fun ideas for college care packages that are no-hassle for you, as a sender:

For One Time Delivery:

Baked by Melissa
If variety is what you crave, Baked by Melissa may be a great place to check out. From cupcake mosaics to macarons, you can send sweets to celebrate any occasion (or non-occasion). They also offer great assortment packs in case you think the recipient will want more than one flavor. Bonus: they offer gluten free options.
Campus Cube
In addition to subscription cubes, campus cube now offers one time care packages, specifically tailored to girls and guys.
Cheryl’s has a lot of options when it comes to assortments of sweets and occasion. They also deliver, which makes sending an easy breezy task. Whatever occasion, season or theme you’re looking for, it’s likely they have a delicious assortment ready-to-send. Bonus: they offer gluten free options.
Cookies by Design
It’s an oldie but goodie. Cookies by design may very well be the first cookie bouquet supplier and, since they’re still around, you know they’re delicious. With adorably decorated cookies that taste like a sugar cookie dream, what Cookies by Design lacks in versatility they make up for it customized cuteness. Honestly, what could be better than a cookie on a stick? They offer same day delivery so it’s convenient for any last minute ideas. Bonus: they offer gluten free options.
Cookie Dō
While this gourmet, edible cookie dough confectionery is located in New York City and limits instant delivery to the Manhattan area, they do offer nationwide shipping, too. That means that you can send and receive this cookie dough wherever you may be located. While it’s delicious to eat on its own, Cookie Dō’s cookie dough is also ready to bake, if desired.
Dormify Survival Kits
They may not be delicious but Dormify’s Survival Kits have pre-made themes for fun college occasions, like an exam study kit, dorm survival kit and more. Students will love the fact that you thought about them with a kit for whatever it is they may be going through – and the stuff inside is actually useful! It’s basically like one of the subscription boxes, just as a one-time order.
Garrett Popcorn
With locations in several major metropolitan areas, Garrett Popcorn is a unique snack that can satisfy fans of sweet, fans of salty and, of course, fans of both. Choose from a variety of flavors, like buffalo cheese-corn, buttery ranch or go with the classic Garrett Mix – it doesn’t matter which you choose, they’re all delicious! Send a tin to your favorite student: simply choose the size, tin design and flavor.
Insomnia Cookies
One of the first of its kind, Insomnia Cookies offers delicious, just-out-of-the-oven cookies, brownies, ice cream and other treats delivered straight to a student’s door. They have 100 locations in 29 states (many of which are located near college campuses) so, for many students, cookie delivery is only a phone call away. Plus, they are open late to curb college student cravings which means you can schedule delivery at all hours. Just picture: after studying for finals, a college student comes home to a sweet treat after a late night at the library! Bonus: they offer gluten free options.
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
You haven’t lived until you pick up a pint of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Culinary connoisseurs will love tasting the unique flavors (like goat cheese with red cherries, sweet corn and black raspberries, sweet potato éclair and Thai curry pumpkin – just to name a few this season) offered. Plus, they use real ingredients (no synthetic flavorings) and dairy from grass-pastured cows so it’s about as guilt free as ice cream can get. They’re always switching up flavors, too, so you’ll never get bored. Like anyone could get bored of ice cream.
Magnolia Bakery
With both national and international locations, you’re likely near one of Magnolia Bakery’s locations. But, you don’t even need to be in order to enjoy their sweet treats – they also offer shipping nationwide. Offering baked goods in addition to cupcakes, you’ll love the look (and taste) of their adorable concoctions.
Molly’s Cupcakes
Molly’s Cupcakes has limited locations: Chicago, New York and Iowa City. If you’re in one of those locations – you’re in luck. They deliver! And, they have more than cupcakes, like cookies, ice cream, bars, cheesecake and pies. Whatever you decide to try will be delicious. Our favorite part? They stuff a lot of their cupcakes with the best part: more frosting. Bonus: they offer gluten free options.
Painted Pretzel
A little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty: this pretzel company, featured on the hit show Shark Tank lets you send tins, baskets and bins of chocolate covered pretzels. With tons of treats to choose from that look as good as they taste, the Painted Pretzel is sure to have something that’ll hit the spot.
Potato Parcel
Okay, technically a raw potato isn’t a delicious treat. However, what it lacks in deliciousness, it makes up for with humor. Basically, you can create a message to send via potato. With messages for pretty much any occasion you can think up, you can send a variety of versions including potato parcel (message), pal (someone’s face on a potato), postcard (image on a potato). Yep, it’s silly but receiving a bizarre potato in the mail will certainly put a smile on any student’s face.
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Best known for the creation of the world’s first ever 24/7 cupcake (and cookie) ATM, Sprinkles Cupcakes has locations across the nation. They also deliver within four hours or offer a pick-up order option within two. And, don’t let the name fool you. They offer much more than just cupcakes, though that would be enough! In addition to their original cupcake lineup, you can indulge in cookies, ice-cream, shakes and more. Bonus: they offer gluten free options.
Wicked Good Cupcakes
Another business that originated on the show Shark Tank, the edible confections on this site can only be described as “Wicked Good.” They offer it all: cupcakes, cookies, cake, brownies, pies – you name it. You can even order an entire cookie jar filled with cookies! Our favorite? Ready-to-eat cupcakes in jars that look (almost) too good to eat.
Z Baked
Their tagline says it all: “The Booty-Call of Food Delivery Services.” And, that’s a promise that doesn’t disappoint. While they currently offer three locations in Florida (that also deliver) – Z Baked is so delicious it’s still worth a mention. They offer pretty much any sweet treat under the sun so, whatever your craving may be, they’re ready to deliver. Bonus: they offer gluten free options.

Subscription Boxes:

Subscription boxes are more popular than ever and you can get a box for just about any interest, hobby or craving. We’ve highlighted some of our foodie and college-themed favorites:
Campus Cube
Send a care package to loved ones at school. Offering “healthy, fun and useful items,” sending a campus cube is like “a hug from home.” Cubes contain delicious, useful and fun items specifically tailored for guys, girls or occasions. The earth-conscious student will also love that the cubes a student receives also double as an upcycled dorm room storage system.
Candy Club
Is it just us or does “Candy Club” sounds like the best club ever? Every month, you can get an assortment of premium candy delivered to your door. The club offers plans and, the longer you sign up for, the better the deal. Choose from monthly, 6-month or 12-month plans.
From sweet to savory, Graze offers boxes of all types to conquer cravings. They even have a “Top 20 Box” featuring each month’s assortment of the most popular snacks. They also offer nutritionist approved boxes for thing like carb counting, protein, calorie counting, etc. to help any student meet their nutritional goals. Boxes start at $11.99, which means that the boxes are affordable, too!
Pick a theme, any theme and Cratejoy is likely to have a box for it. With plenty of options geared toward students, you can find an appropriate crate theme for students of all ages. Items within each box are relevant to the college experience. For example, the RamenPak includes assorted Ramen-related snack items. Or, the TetherBox features "specially curated delicious snacks, personal care products, fun gadgets and surprises."
Specifically created with college students in mind, hipKITS offers “care packages, gifts and essentials for the student lifestyle.” Choose from a variety of occasions (including student occasions, like exams) and kit clubs to send the student in your life snacks, essentials and more.
Knack’s cool “College Care Subscriptions,” allows a sender to pick from a variety of categories, making each box tailored to the recipient. You can also schedule sends and write a personalized message to be included within each care package, taking your thoughtfulness to the next level.
What’s neat about LuckyUBox is you have the choice of ordering a subscription or a one-time box to celebrate any occasion. Boxes include a variety of student-centric, college themed items, games and snacks. They can also be personalized with a photo or a note to add an extra special touch.
Mirth In A Box
What’s mirth? Laughter, gaiety or merriment that’s, in this case, delivered door to door in a care package. They have clever student themes, like the “All Nighter,” “Mind Games,” “Have a Ball! Care Package.” Receiving a random themed box will surely put a smile on any student’s face.
Discover snacks from around the world with MunchPak’s delicious snack boxes. Choose from mini, original or family-sized boxes of grub. It’s also affordable: starting at a mere $10 for five or more snacks. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds in each box so it’s a box that anyone can get behind.
NatureBox offers delicious, wholesome snacks with no pressure whatsoever. If you don’t like any snack within each month’s box, you can let them know and they’ll replace it for free in next month’s box. This is perfect for the health-conscious student, because all snacks featured have simple ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and are all less than 200 calories per serving! Busy college students on the go will certainly appreciate this easy alternative that allows them to grab a healthy snack on the go.
Our Campus Market (OCM)
There’s no need to go to an actual market when you can get a perfect market assortment delivered right to your student’s door. Featuring the popular fall final exam packages, students will feel the love and support from home to stay on track with each semester’s goals. They also offer customized options, like vegan and gluten-free care packages to accommodate special diets. Our favorite? The “Healthy Hot Soups and Teas,” a great option to send when your favorite student comes down with a cold on campus.
Package Penguin
Package Penguin lets you create a customized care package or, even easier, pre-made packages. Pre-made packages are offered for a variety of student themes or occasions, including exams. Packages mainly consist of grab and go snacks which any student on the go can appreciate.
Pijon Box
College life experts choose the contents of each month’s care package which includes healthy snacks, personal care items, dorm essentials and fun gifts students love. You can choose gender-specific or neutral boxes and save when you subscribe.
TetherBox derives their name from their version of the definition of tether, “the bond between loved ones that keeps them joined together even across great distances.” Described as the “modern twist on the classic care package,” it’s basically the gift of a care package for college students reoccurring each month.
Known as the “monthly artisan sweets box,” Treatsie allows you to choose a plan that delivers confections from local business across the country. That means, you’ll be able to sample the best sweets across the nation right from your couch. And, if you decide you cannot live without a featured treat, they have an online store to order more of a specific item you discovered.
UniversiteeBox caters specifically to female students, with the goal of empowering girls via a “network of encouragement, empowerment, and enlightenment for college girls all over the world.” Choose UniversiteeBox for style and empowerment essentials that scream, “Girl power!”

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