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The GoodTurn Cycles Internship Program is available to applicants ages 16 - 24. To be considered for this internship, you should ideally meet at least one of the following conditions: young adult that has not found success in traditional educational or employment systems, individual that seeks to learn basic employability skills and/or has never had a job, student that lacks motivation in traditional school subjects (math, English, science), but does well in hands-on learning environments, or young adult that requires additional accommodations to enter and excel in the workforce. This program is a three-month experience in which participants work 8-12 hours per week in the bicycle shop. During the training, interns will work through a job readiness curriculum that equips them to find, maintain, and contribute to meaningful employment. Interns are paired with a staff member to mentor them through their program. Mentors walk alongside interns through their program and provide assistance in finding jobs, preparing for interviews, and coping with all life throws at them. Certain individuals may be eligible for a paid work experience or school credit. This internship is offered in Denver, CO, during the spring, summer, and fall semesters.

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