Bristol Myers Squibb Undergraduate Medicinal Chemistry Summer Internship-PAID

Bristol Myers Squibb



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The Bristol Myers Squibb Undergraduate Medicinal Chemistry Summer Internship is available to undergraduates who have completed at least three years of chemistry coursework. To be considered for this internship, you should have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have completed organic chemistry I and II, be self-motivated to learn, have prior chemistry laboratory experience in the academic or professional environment, and possess an enthusiasm for science, laboratory work, and drug discovery. As an intern, you will develop and optimize reaction parameters and design experiments to understand the scope of tolerability of new chemical transformations, evaluate literature related to proposed reaction routes, and perform isolation, purification, and characterization of newly synthesized compounds. You will also participate and contribute during scientific discussions, meetings, and presentations as well as record experiments, results, and characterization data in laboratory notebooks. This internship is offered in San Diego, CA, and Redwood City, CA.

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