Webstaurant Database Developer Remote Internship-PAID

Clark Associates, Inc.



awards available





The Webstaurant Database Developer Remote Internship is available to junior and senior-level undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in Data Analytics, Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics or a comparable field. To be considered for this internship, you should be ambitious and passionate about technology and data, have a basic understanding of T-SQL, have exposure to Microsoft SQL Server, be enthusiastic, and be motivated to learn all aspects of this growing field. Additionally, you should have access to a reliable and high-speed internet connection, have a dedicated work space that is noise- and distraction-free, and have a valid physical address. As an intern, you will gain unparalleled exposure to real-world MS SQL development, design, and performance tuning. You will also develop strong professional connections with the team of database developers who will guide you through projects and help sharpen your skills, and participate in a a collaborative and innovative team-oriented environment employing SCRUM methodologies. This internship is offered remotely during the summer.

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