SRI Aerospace Systems Engineering Internship

Southwest Research Institute (SRI)



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The SRI Aerospace Systems Engineering Internship is available to students pursuing a BS, Masters, or PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related major. You must be a U.S. citizen, be accomplished in AI/ML/Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) algorithm development, and be proficient with development and use of AI/ML algorithms for real-world applications to be considered for this internship. As an intern, you will present and pursue ideas for internal research and development to aid in long term business objectives tied to aerospace/avionics improvements through the use of AI/machine learning (ML), develop techniques to support AI/ML tools, support development of toolsets supporting advanced predictability of failures and troubleshooting for DoD customers, help prepare and present solutions and approaches at internal and customer meetings and design reviews, and support the team involved in new business development activities including identification of new business opportunities, proposal writing, budget estimating, and customer presentations. This internship is offered in Oklahoma City, OK, and in San Antonio, TX.

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