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Back to Basics: Scholarships for Everyone

Back to Basics: Scholarships for Everyone

Scholarships 101: Apply early, apply often.

Elizabeth Hoyt

October 30, 2012

November is National Scholarship Month and we’re celebrating because we know firsthand that scholarships change lives. So, this month, we’re going back to basics, highlighting scholarships offering something for everyone.

Youth Voter Awareness Scholarship and Virgin Mobile have partnered together to let the voice of the next generation be heard. Simply go their site and register to vote if you’re over 18 or, if not, preregister. Afterwards, let five friends know how to sign up to vote and you’ll be entered to win a $4,000 scholarship.

If you’re already registered, just send five friends the information on how to sign up and you’ll still be entered to win the $4,000 scholarship. Not bad for doing your civic duty. For full details, visit the scholarship website, Youth Voter Awareness Scholarship.

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