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A roofer specializes in roof construction, concentrating on the application of materials that water proof and / or weather proof buildings,designed material—as a substrate for the roofing materials to be installed on. The rafters, beams, and trusses are the frame or skeleton for the roof to be built upon. Naturally, a roofer must not be scared of heights and have good balance as well as carpentry skills. In Australia this type of carpenter is called a roof carpenter and in that country a roofer is someone who puts on the roof cladding (tiles, tin, etc.). In the USA a well trained roofer is called a journeyman. In California, if a journeyman wishes and has three consecutive years working in the field, he is eligible to pass a state test for a contractors license.

The state of California has a particular licensing process for roofers. To get a state license and become a licensed roofing contractor in California, one needs to obtain a C-39 license before contracting any roofing jobs over the amount of $601.00. If the work is performed without a license, the homeowner may be stuck with unsatisfactory results and have no way to get assistance to correct the problems. If a licensed roofing contractor has problems that relate to unfinished work or the work is faulty in any way, the homeowner or property owner can at least file a claim against the roofing contractor's performance bond for the cost of repairs, damages or unfinished work that must be still be completed. Obtaining a bond is a prerequisite before any license will be issued and it must be in good standing and renewed every two years or the contractor's license could be revoked.

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Joe Markowitz Honorary Construction Technology Scholarship $3,000 March 01, 2019
CREW Chicago Scholarship Up to $3,000 October 31, 2018
Associate Degree Scholarship - FHTC $500 March 01, 2019
Dean and Mildred Crawford Memorial Scholarship $450 March 15, 2019
Certification Scholarship Program Up to $300 December 28, 2018
West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association Scholarship Varies October 01, 2018
Jack Taylor / Central Susquehanna Builders Association Scholarship Varies October 01, 2018
Birch and Ann Phillips Scholarship Varies October 01, 2018
Gregory A. Barb Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies March 01, 2019
William Fenton Scholarship Varies August 23, 2018